Thursday, December 26, 2013


"Hurry we are going to be late" I said to my mum so my siblings rushed in the car and we then waited for 5 minutes for our mum to get in. We left at 5:00 because we had to go to a Christmas eve thing with all the other priests because my grandpa is our priest. What we do there is some praying and other church things along with dances and songs we learnt for Christmas.

One other priest was doing the church things with the prayers and it was for one our long and then it came to the dancing and singing. This was also part of church. First was the other people and then two other groups and then it was finally us. I was getting nervous but I stood up and did it.

We first had to start from the middle and walk to the front. There were heaps of people. My church got up there and we got into our position for the act. The kids which were the angels stood on the edge of the room. While the others were doing there speeches we were getting ready to get up there.

There were heaps of angels and once we said it we moved back to our spot and took of the wings. Our act was finished and we then sang a song. It was 3 versus and it was very long. As soon as we finished doing the song we got into out positions for our dance. It was the three songs mashed up. (If you read my other blogpost you can see the songs but I'll just say it) We had to sing it which was Joy to the World, Long time ago and Feliz Navidad.

It was fun. I really liked how we were dancing and not meaning to brag but I think we were the best or we just had an awesome item. All the churches finished there items and we then sat back down. The clock was ticking to 12:00am and I really wanted to be the first one to say Merry Christmas. A minute after it was 12:00 and I said it. I was first. It then finished and we then ate. The food was nice.

Everything was finished for the night/morning and we left home. Before my brother, sisters and mum went home, we went around and looked at some house with lights. They looked AMAZING. There was this one house that had Santa and its elves and reindeer with a Christmas tree.

We finished looking around and then we got home. I stayed awake until 4:00 and then I slept. I was really tired. It was 8:00 in the morning and it was raining. "This is quite a poor weather for Christmas and Mu's (my cousin) Birthday" I said. But we still made our plans and went to Ambury farm because the weather was becoming better and better.

Going to Ambury farm was cool to celebrate a birthday and Christmas. This was probably the 3rd best Christmas because my whole family wasn't here but we enjoyed it. We never got a present but this day  is not about getting a present or any other it is about having fun and celebrating this day with the family.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and if you got a present cherish it. Enjoyed you holiday!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Big Feed after Church/Cousin's Birthday

As soon as church finished we rushed home to get the table set for the cake and the food ready to eat. The food was BBQ, fried rice and takeaway. It looked delicious ....but before we had to eat my cousin (Jay) had to blow his candles so we rushed to the front with the lighter and lit it up. He blew it and we clapped and we then sang the Happy Birthday song in English and in Samoan.

When we finished doing that we had all the food set up and we began our big feed. It was delicious!! I enjoyed yesterdays Sunday!! Thank God for Sunday!! :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Making Christmas videos with my sister

While my sister was taking photo's of her self on my camera I said "why can't we make Christmas Videos" "Sure" she replied. So we first started of by doing it to my nan and grandpa and then we went on with our uncle and aunty and my other one ect....

We were saying all sorts of things to make them emotional and laugh. We also danced to it and other videos we let my other sisters do it. It was fun because we did it all day and then I got time to do this blogpost but then we have more to do like for my mum and dad.....Can't wait for that one!! Enjoy the holidays and you Christmas!!

Getting ready for Christmas by practising

"Kope omai i'i" translation "Hurry come here" my grandpa said to us while scratching his hand. "OKAY OKAY we'll be there" I replied while running as fast as I can. "Now have you learnt your speech" My nan asked but while she asked us we were saying it so it was quite obvious we knew it.

It is one paraghraph but we learnt it in two days and we know it. We started from the beggining to the end. As soon as we finished practicing our speeches we practised our dance!! The music is jammed together....It is a Samoan X-mas song and then it is Long time ago in Bethlehem added with the last song which is Feliz Na Vi Dad!! We mashed it up and we got some awesome actions (NOT BRAGGING.)

We finished all our dancing and speeches we then left the room in Otara and went back home!! I enjoyed this day :)!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Having fun going YMCA pools with the friends

School was over for this year and my friends and I planned something on Monday. We were going to the pools. So the bell rang and some of us at school were crying because it was there last day or because they would of missed people. It was quite sad...I was crying as well. But we got to celebrate this sad moment by going to the pools.

We walked straight down to the pools and we then entered the door and off running Mao and Hannah to get changed. I was just sitting on the chair because I forgot my togs. Then more of my friends Josephine, Sela and Jordenne came. Sela and Josephine got changed and then me and Jordenne were just eating thins/biscuit!!

Two hours later my friends that were swimming got out of the pool, dried them self and we then left. We started walking down to the Pt. England shop to buy some hot chips and we bought it just for us and I bought it and I added some tartea source.

It was ready and then my friends and I walked down to Four Swings and we ate there. As soon as we finished eating we waited for three minutes and then we played. Four of my friends went and played on the swings and only me and Hannah played chucks with the tennis ball. It was pretty fun and then we walked home. I enjoyed that day with my friends!! I miss them and hope to see all of them next year!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Reflection

It has been so tough this year with all the learning and practising. It was quite fun learning from teachers like how to impact my writing so the audience can enjoy it and keep on reading until the end. I learnt that from Mr Somerville.I have also learnt more shapes because I only used to know a few but more this time and I learnt it from Mr Marks.

Did you know not only other people can teach you, you can teach yourself and I taught myself how to encourage people to do what they are scared to do. Even more. My friends taught me thing as well, so it isn’t only the teacher that has been teaching people. It is also some friends and my friend taught me how to help others when they are feeling down.

Not finished. I have also learnt how to use more manners from my aunty! They taught me that because I was using bad words. The manners they taught me was to not be racist, learn better words than bad words and also be kind to each other.

Not only my friends taught me, I also taught them something as well. I taught some of them how to make their animations more interesting in adding more pictures and making it look real by moving the object a tiny bit.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stop, Think and Do movie

This is a movie of Stop, This annnnnnnd Do that my friends and I made. It is a movie
for Mr. Burt because he wanted to show it on Friday! ENJOY...=)

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to make milk

This is a movie of how to make milk and how to get it to its place where
they sell it!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Having fun is the sun at Cornwall Park

"Can we go to Cornwall park, all of our family is going" I moaned to my mum. "Okay okay we'll go just to stop you guys from begging and moaning" My mum replied. So we waited for 12:00 O'clock to come.  1hr later we left to Cornwall park and we saw all of our family. They came with some balls to play with and also food!! We came with food as well and only one ball.

We started the games but first we put up the volley net so we can play volley. Then my aunty grabbed the rugby ball so we can play some kicks. I first played volley and our team was winning but then I left to play kicks with my aunty and my sister. We were kicking and kicking and then the ball hit Zion's head. We were all laughing but then we still carried on with our games. 

Then the children left the volley and kicking game and went to play our own game. It is a Samoan game called Lape. It is like baseball but you hit the ball with your hand and the ball is a volleyball!! We run to 4 bases thou and then it includes the last one witch is 5. If we get hit by the ball we are out, but I was captain and if I got hit the whole team would've been out but if only one person is out then I have to try and get them back in by running all the way round to the last base!! It was enjoyable.

I loved that Saturday. We were playing and playing until the rain came and we had to go back home!! But we enjoyed that day because we won Lape and my favourite bit was when my uncle was chasing me to try and tag me with the ball!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Playing the Guitar

"Teach me how to play the guitar" I said to my sister (Zion). "Okay okay so you can stop begging" Replied Zion so we went down stairs and played the guitar. She had a guitar and I had another one. I told her to teach me how to play "Stand by me." So she played it and played it but it was too hard so I just know how to play the first bit of Stand by Me.

Me from Year 6 to year 7

As you see on the left hand side is me in year 6 this year. I am young without senior clothes on. But on the right hand side is me in year 7. I am going to wear a jacket and clots.

Year 6:

Year 7:

Camp Bentzon - Kawau Island

This is a presentation of our Camp to Kawau Island.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fish of Maui

This is a quick animation of The Fish of Maui. The animation was quiet boring so we had to add a voice over to it so it can be INTERESTING!! Enjoy:)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Camp to Kawau Island

Going to Kawau island next for our Year 6 Camp. I really can’t wait. It is just 6 more days until we go. So looking forward to the activities because I like playing games with my friends. There will be fun thing and fun games. The games are: Orienteering, abseiling/rock climbing, kayaking and way more fun activities.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Going to my cousin house

Driving to my cousins house, I was talking about there dog. My brother was scared but then as soon as we got there he saw it and he ran back in the car and cried. "Mum go get him" I said. So she went and lifted him.

He was crying while my mum was carrying him but I just walked passed it because it doesn't bite. It is a white fluffy dog. My mum and my brother and I went inside and then my uncle came and the dog ran inside and then my brother got a big fright.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


This is a singers presentation. I did it about singers because I love listening to songs. I really do hope you enjoy and maybe one of these singers might be your favourite one!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Narrative Practise (Farming)

One day a family of two brothers (Max and John) were so hungry for veggies. They went outside to their garden and wanted to wet it with the hose. As soon as Simon went inside to get the hose, he looked and looked but someone stole it.

They were so worried because there stomachs were growling at them and it was so sore. They wanted to make some food with the veggies for lunch but they didn’t have a hose to water it. Then they got a plan but it would of took a while.

They went to a shop where heaps of building or helping things are and they found a hose. They were so happy but when they brought it, it cost a lot of money. It was $115. But lucky they had enough money. They got home and were so excited and then Max said “John can you go get the oven read while I water the plants” So John left happily.

Max finished watering the plants and then 10 minutes after they got the veggies out of the ground and chopped it up. They first did the carrot and then the pumpkin. “Max put it in now put it in” Said John.....So Max put it in and then it was ready. They were excited for their food making.

Sorry for publishing this late:)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guy Fawkes

This is my short presentation about Guy Fawkes....It only has 3 questions and I really do hope you ENJOY!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing test Narrative

John heard a whisper but no-one was there. He couldn’t see anyone or anything so he then ran in his house and said his mum “I heard a whisper and it sounded like a man was going to kidnap someone” So she replied “Let's go see and if he does we’ll do something to pay him back.” So they left with the car and drove as fast as they can.

They got to the place where John heard the whisper and they saw a random man walking around with a knife and a bandana over his mouth and nose. They got scared but they still went closer and closer to the man (Simon). They were still looking until Simon ran somewhere and they got scared and ran off.

“Got you” Simon said while grabbing John. “Leave my son please please just put him down and we’ll leave you alone and we’ll do nothing” The mum said while crying. Simon replied “You better catch me but I bet you won’t because i may be faster than you!”

The mum left to the car and drove off to their house. She rang her family but they didn’t answer so she left a message and said “My son has just got kidnapped, please come help me if you get this message.” She locked the house and closed all the windows and then went back.

She saw Simon and he was holding her son like a cat. Simon ran fast as to a really dark place with heaps of trees behind it. That place had a fence. She drove there and she was watching him with her big eye. Simon dropped John and said “Stay down there and wait till I come back” So John listened but didn't do as he said.

It was 5 minutes later and john ran away and that five minutes was when simon came back and saw John running. He ran and ran and caught him again so then he took him back to the dark and scary place. He dropped John again but this time he did it 3 times. Then he picked him up and went inside.

The mum was watching and then caught her eye on the knife he had in his back pocket. She tried to run until she’d get to the knife but he grabbed it out of his pocket and was about to stab John. The mum shouted “NOOOOOO.” She was there and then kicked Simon away from her son.

“John bring me your phone so I can call the cops” The mum said. But Simon heard and tried to run off but lucky the mum was so fast she caught him. 111 the mum called and then the police’s got there. She told them all about it and then took Simon to jail and the others took the mum and John back home....Then the mum told John to never let a stranger near him or you never go near a stranger.

Then the next morning he went outside and heard another whisper but much more loud and scary. He went and told the mum and did the same thing...


Friday, November 1, 2013


WALT: Show not tell

As the sun setted in its place 1 group of people came knocking on our door. I was relaxed on the couch to lazy to get it and I shouted to my sister "GET THE DOOR." So she ran down the stairs and twisted the knob of the front door. She was scared but it was Cecilia's friends.

Rousie Retell

This is a retell about a story called Rousie..I
am retelling it in a maximum of 10 sentences.
By the way it is about her not me!! Enjoy!

It was the October shearing and dad brought down a mob of sheep.....there are fifteen hundred of them. Our dogs are great and the large strongly built dog gets in behind and eye dogs - they can hold a hole heap of sheep just by looking at them. The sheep have to be clean for the shearing so we put them in the shed for a night. 6 o'clock breakfast there are still jobs to do in the morning like feed the dogs and give milk to the lambs too...and when he wraps himself around my leg I always forget to get angry/grumpy. Then I am down to the shed, I'll be helping as a Rousie all day. I have to spread each fleece on the table and sort the very good wool away from the dirty wool. We drink moko and my stomach feels better but it really doesn't last that long. Then suddenly that is it we have all fifteen hundred, just the baaing of the white fluffy animals and the barking of the dogs. Finally we just need to do the truck and let the sheep out, there a bit lighter then before. Now it was time to clean up and relax...AAH and then finally the wool goes away and it feel good looking at your neat work you have done!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Trick or treat/they will give you a treat or you will give them a trick
Ghost/to make people scared
Lollies/Just for a treat or adding fun
Kids running around/Having fun
Scary Masks/Scare people with it
All Hallows Day
All Hallows Evening
All Hallows Even
Then finally Halloween

Halloween is about having fun and trick or treating. It is also about going around peoples houses and asking them for some candy. It is like a kids element but adults are involved as well. They will give it but if they say they don’t have any lollies you can trick them. 

There is also a Celtic and calendar. The calendar is spitted like one half is light and the other is dark. This is permeable. On this day, day goes fast and night slows down. Some people even call it the night of death and that is to scare people.

When night time comes bats come out and fly around night and it is freaky. They can be seen around there house or even on the ground and if you go outside to take the rubbish or something you can hear it, see it or even feel it and you can get really scared.

Lemuria is on May 13 and that is what people change into Christian and what people say is that there is only one day to celebrate the dead. Also to put the dead away they pour milk or give them a piece cake and that is also to clam them down.  Then the Christians changed Lemuria into All Saint's Day which is still on May 13.

Purgatory is in between heaven and hell. It is bad but not as bad as hell. But in Purgatory, it has fire and it can really hurt you and the only way to get out is by......Your family PREYING for YOU to go up to HEAVEN!!

My friends!

 This is a presentation about my friends!! ENJOY!:)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our run in the Morning

Every morning in school days we go for a run. We start our run at 10:45. Our three classes (16, 17 and 18 all go together but sometimes only one or two classes go for a run. My best part of running is running together with my friends.

We start from the breeze and then we run out of the door. Then we finish by entering the door of the breeze. But all the time we run on the concrete. Do you like running? Well I do because it makes me fit and a bit faster.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Roller Coaster Narrative

It Margarines cousins birthday and they celebrated it by going somewhere people can play. In that place there is a roller coaster and a fear fall, but there are much more than that. She was so excited that she even invited her friends Sophie and Maggie.

She invited Sophie by calling on the phone. “Hello Sophie’s mum, can your daughter please come to my cousins birthday?” Margarine said politely. “Sure she can but she will just get ready” Replied the mum. Then she gave a call to Maggie’s house and the mother said the same thing.

15 Minutes past and the two friends got to Margarines house. Margarine was so excited that they could come. Margarines birthday cousin (John) was turning 7 years old and he was getting dressed. He was wearing a t-shirt that had the number 7 on it.

He was all ready and it was time for them to go rainbows end. John couldn’t wait to get there because it would of took 35 minutes to get to rainbows end from there house. The three friends (Margarine, Sophie and Maggie) were so happy they even planed there day.

The time has passed to get there and they hopped out of the car and ran through the door to rainbows end. But John’s mum (Ana) shouted “HEY HEY GET OVER HERE WE HAVE TO PAY FIRST” so they came back and were waiting with Ana and John.

She payed $340. They were worried that they didn’t have enough and they didn’t. So Ana asked the kids if they had any money so then they put all together and it was enough.

As soon as Ana finished paying it they ran off to the roller coaster. They had to see what their height was and one person was to short which was Maggie. So Maggie had to wait for the other two after they had a ride, but while she was waiting she was looking so sad.

When they finished their ride they came back to Maggie. “Are you ok Maggie?” Margarine said while rubbing her back. “Yes yes but it is just that I wanted to go onto the roller coaster” Replied Maggie. Then they asked her if she wanted to go onto another ride that will make you happy and she said yes.

Then they went to the invader and she was happy there so after every ride they would go there just for their friend Maggie.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pizza Making in Extension

It was 12:30 and we had to go extension. We got to the ICT and our extension teacher told us to go to the Tusitala so we did. We had to go onto our site to see what we are doing. I was reading and reading and then I saw what we are doing. It was making pizza for Labour Day.

I was excited! But do you know why we had to make it? Well, we had to make it because of Labour Day. We first had to answer some questions like..What does this day celebrate and When did New Zealand first celebrate it? I answered all of it up to five and then it got to the last question which is What is it meant by the term of "Liberals."It was a very hard question then me and my partner Jordenne got it.

The bell rang for lunch time. We had to stop what we were doing and go eat our lunch and have a break time. During lunch time Mrs Tele'a had to run and get the things to make the pizza's. An hour later our break time finished and we had to go back to extension.

I smelt what our extension teacher had bought and we went and made it. Jordenne and I grabbed the tomato paste and we spread it onto the dough. We then grabbed a whole heap of cheese and then we spreaded that on it. We finished putting on the cheese and then we grabbed some ham. Jordenne cutted it up into 28 pieces to represent the first day we celebrated Labour Day. We put on 8 pepperonis but then our teacher spotted that we didn't have enough cheese so then we put the cheese over the pepperoni. They represented the achievement of workers.

Jordenne and i then grabbed some healthy things like capsicum and pineapple and we put it on the pizza. We finished just in time before the alarm rang on the phone. We went to put it into the staff oven. It was 25 minutes past and Mrs Tele'a went and grabbed it out of the oven. It looked so nice.

"Who wants to do the prayer before we eat"? said Mrs Tele'a and Collin replied "Me" so he said a short prayer. We started to cut our pizza up and Jordenne and I went to deliver some. We went and took it to Mrs Nua and she loved it.

She and I got back from the delivery and I gave one to our extension teacher (Mrs Tele'a). We were trying to give one piece to Miss Va'afusuaga and then she popped in the hall kitchen to check what we were doing and then we gave her one. She took one bite and she loved it as well. 

Before my partner and I ate we washed our hands because it was all messy. We dug in and we ate and ate and then we finished it. It was so yum. My favourite part was putting the ingredients on the pizza dough.

Farming Fish (Retell)

In a village called Togori on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands lives a boy named Richard Bekaraifaka and his uncle is the Chief (or Bigman) for their village. In Togori, their fish is very important to them and they go fishing everyday but only if the weather is nice and fine and if the sea is calm, but if the weather is bad and rainy or the sea is rough, they have to go without fish. Richard’s Uncle, Isaiah decided that he was going to make a way for people to catch fish even when the weather is bad and rainy. So he told the village that he was going to attach some pipes from the river to them to keep flowing with water so the water would go from pond 1 all the way to pond 3 then back to the river and dig out some ponds. It took the village 1 and a half years to dig out the ponds because they could only dig early in the morning and in the evening since it was so hot. They were able to put the fish in once the pond was full and was attached to the pipes. The family of Richard still have to look after their ponds and his job is to give the fish some food and make sure that no branches or sticks get stuck into the pipes to stop the water from flowing. Richard is very happy that he helped his uncle because now, the whole village can enjoy fish for dinner even when there is bad weather. Richard has lots of jobs but he favourite part is catching fish and eating them for dinner!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Blog Writing (Going to my nan's house)

I was getting ready to go to my nana's house. My mum was rushing me and my sisters because we had to go take some money to Samoa transfer. As soon as we got there it was closed and then we were on our way to my nana's house. We got there and we starting eating chips.

An Organic Orchard (Rettell)

I think nature is a lot of see-saws. It settles in position when it moves up and down. As soon as we stop spraying the plants, we had a tremendous infestation of red mire and thrips. It was very frightening. The orchard was our livelihood and, suddenly, all our fruit has been damaged by insects.

There was a lot of trouble in the North as soon as the Beetle 1 came. We know that some time ago, the DSIR 2 released a parasite here that attack the eggs of the green beetle. The red mite and thrips disappeared. Oh! See this wasp' nest? No, honest they do not sting unless you get very close to them.

We've have the yellow German wasp here too. We have more flies when they come into our house. To make the compost, we cleaned out under the several sheep sheds. I'm a great believer in "heavy mulching". I get fish waste from the fish and chip shop, and soak it in that vat of water.

The birds have fun here, they use to particularly stay in every tree of ours last year. The Macadamia tree is different to others. Thats your nit than other Macadamias. So I say "Right! Thats your tree and you leave the rest of the Orchard to us.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood/Big Black Riding Hood

Storyboard for my tale is.............Little Red Riding Hood/Big Black Riding Hood

Character, setting
Set in Big Brown Riding Hoods house.

Character, setting
Dog: Wolf
Set in a cave

Character, setting
Sister: Grandma
In a cave

Character, setting
Wood Cutter: BBRH’s brother
Set outside
Big Brown Riding hood just woke up and the wolf asked her something and she replied then she took some yummy butter chicken and rice.
BBRH was skipping along through the forest and she heard something. She also saw something and it was a dog.The dog caught up to her and barked and barked with her.
BBRH knew what he was saying so she barked back. They barked and barked and then they said bye to each other. BBRH was skipping and then the dog ran past her.
It went into the sisters house and the dog was trying to eat her but couldn’t fit so the sister was screaming hard out and suddenly the brother heard and ran. BBRH got there and there was blood.
Once a girl named Big Brown Riding Hood was staying home and she lived with a wolf but the wolf wasn’t bad. The wolf was really angry as soon as he woke up. The reason why he was angry is because he saw Big Brown Riding Hood packing some food.

“Where are you taking that food” Asked the wolf in a angrily voice. And BBRH replied to him “I am taking it to my sister.” BBRH was on her way to the sisters house and she saw a Big Black Dog. It barked at her and she barked back like she knew what it said.

The Big Black Dog was way ahead of her when they finished barking at each other. The dog knew where the sister lived and went to her house. The dog tried to eat the sister but she just couldn’t fit in its mouth so the dog took her into the toilet. Then the dog went into the sisters closet and look for some clothes. It was some jeans and a pink T-SHIRT.

The dog went into the sisters house and the dog was trying to eat her but then the sister was shouting “HELP HELP” and she was screaming very loud and suddenly the brother heard and ran to her. Big Brown Riding Hood got there and there was blood all over the place.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Matching the Farming Photos

For this morning we have been matching some Farming photos. There were so many photos to match and almost all of them were paired. There were only 2 photos that were hard but then we figured it out. It was so fun and the reason why we were matching farm photos is because we are learning about farming.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Starting School

Today is the first day of the last term for school. I am excited being back to school and I am also happy because it is the last term and I want it to be the long holiday. But it is weird sometimes because when it is the holiday you want it to be school but then it comes to school you want it to be holidays, I am one of those people.

As soon as I came to school I had a smile on my face. 2 bells rang which meant it was time for Immersion Assembly. I like Immersion Assembly because they perform or they show a movie. After 3 shows it was team 4's turn and they had a movie. It was funny and cool.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


On Saturday we got ready for White Sunday. White Sunday is a special because that is when the kids celebrate there day. I really liked it because I like standing up in front of people and doing my speech or song. I was feeling nervous but not after all, I stood up and faced my fears.

As soon as Sunday came, we ate and had our very last practice before we get ready to say our speeches.  We went to change into our White Sunday clothes. We all had pears and it was pretty but my oldest sister had a dress. "Come in the car now" shouted my mum! I was in a rush.

We drove until we got there and took the things we needed. As we stepped in the church I saw my cousins and I was very embarrassed. I moved some table before we started church. I wondered how is it going to feel standing up in front of these many people? 

My grandpa wanted it to start so we did and we sat down quietly and quickly! We started off with a long prayer. It was time to stand up after a long prayer! Our cousins were going up first because there one was short because it was little kids.

First they did there short speech, but then it came to us older kids and Maypo (My Sister) told them what our speech was about. It was about a crippled person which was me.I sang a song and 2 or more minutes after my sister came out and picked me up. I started walking and I said my speech. I had to jump up and put my hand up high to god.

We said something which is the ending of it but we had to say it in Samoan. We were done and the crowed cheered!!!

As soon as the kids finished the speeches we carried on with church and 15 or more minutes it was done. I was so happy because I made it through my speech without crying or anything. But I knew I would of made it.

We unpacked our church and then we left it, but before we left I had to go pay the church. My family went home and then we had a huge feast. It was sooo YUM! Our feast was takeaway but not just chicken and hot chips also fried rice and egg foo young.

The kids finished eating and then Cecilia (My Oldest sister) went to do our desert. It was ice-cream pizza and ice-blocks. The ice-cream pizza is just a cookie and the following the cookie is the ice-cream and on top of the ice-cream is lollies. I had gummy bears on top of mine and the others had pebbles on top of there ice-cream. I haven't tasted it before and here was my chance. The pizza looked nice and as soon as I took a bite I loved it! Yummy in my Tummy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 10 Good Morning Everybody (Holiday)

It is very early in the morning and I would like to say a huge GOOD MORNING! I haven't slept yet I stayed up until this time. This time is just to early for me so I should probably sleep now. Enjoy your day today!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 9 Park, Basketball and Chips with Fizzy (Holiday)

It is Sunday and we weren't allowed to do anything, but since my uncle was only available on Sunday we went to the park. I was so happy.

We hopped into the car to go to the Gadsby park. It wasn't that big but at least we were at a park! Me and my sister went with my little cousin to the toy car and he pretended to drive. It really looked like he was driving a real car.

My uncle went back home to get a basketball so we could play basketball and as soon as her got there, I ran to the car and grabbed the basketball. We first played shooting and then we played Basketball. The game was over and my team won!

Some more people came and then we had to go because they wanted to play basketball. We went to the car and then my uncle and aunty grabbed some chips and fizzy drinks for us. It was twisty and we had our own can! We enjoyed our day!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 8 Bingo (Holiday)

It was 8:09 in the morning and we woke up to brush our teeth and eat breakfast. I was so tiered I didn't even want to stand up but I still had to. As soon as I finished brushing my teeth, I went to eat my breakfast which was Cocoa Rice. Yummy!

We finished our breakfast and then we got ready to go Bingo. I didn't want to go but we had to because no one was going to stay with us. We left the house and then we got there and we had to pack it.

People got there and they just sat down and some of them came to bring there prizes. We started and after two bingo's more people came. It was my aunties. It was boring because I had to look after some kids but then I got home and it feels nice!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 7 Playing Basket Ball (Holiday)

It was 2:00pm and Zion and I were playing basketball. We played inside for half an hour and then we went outside and played for long. It was fun and funny because my sister (Zion) was on the skateboard while she caught the ball and then she fell. I felt sad but it was just too funny.

We played and played until we got tired. As soon as we got tired we came inside. I waited for about 3 minutes and then I went for a shower. I finished and my sister came to. We felt fresh and now it is time for us to sleep. 

Day 6 White Sundae Practise (Holiday)

During yesterday we were practising our speeches for White Sundae. I have been practising and practising because I am a crippled person. My part is singing a very long song and then a short speech. I wish I lost my voice but if I don't I just hope that I won't make any mistakes.

By the way sorry for the late blogpost. I was meant to post this yesterday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 5 Bason and Takeaway and Car wash (Holiday)

This morning I woke up and my mum came in and said "Get ready to walk" and I replied sadly "Awww, really" and then we went and brushed our teeth and ate breakfast. We had a nice break fast at 9:00 and then we left 1 hour after.

We went to the Panmure Bason in a car and the we saw Miss V while walking around. It was only my mum, sisters (Zion and Cecilia) and also me. All of us saw he again and we asked "How many laps have you had and she said 3. My mum and I were at the back and  my sisters were way ahead of us.

It was our second lap and then we stopped. We hopped in the car and had a long drink of water. As soon as we all drank we went home. Before we went home we went to the takeaway shop and bought some takeaway.

As soon as we got home we got the plates on the table and shared the takeaway. Since there were 4 of us 2 of us had 3 chickens and my brother had 2. It was yummy!

When me and Cecilia (my sister) finished eating we waited for about 3 or 2 minutes and then we grabbed the vacuum and went inside the car to clean it. We were tiered but we still did it. My sister and I finished cleaning inside and then we got a bucket full of water and soap and grabbed a sponge.

We also cleaned outside, I was scrubbing and my sister was doing the hose. It was a tiring job but we finished it off properly!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 4 Playing on the Trampoline (Holiday)

Just finished showering because I just finished playing on my trampoline. It was fun! I decided to make a blogpost so I took some pictures.

I was playing with my sister (Zion) and my brother (Exodus). We jumped from the deck onto the trampoline. I jumped high and my brother just stayed on the tramp.

We were having so much fun we just had to finish. As soon as I finished showering I felt like going outside but I couldn't!:(

Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 3 Cleaning our House (Holiday)

I woke up at 9:30 and I went to brush my teeth and wash my face. My sisters, brother and I went down stairs and then we ate breakfast. Our breakfast was cocoa pops and rice bubble mixed.

As soon as we finished eating we decided to clean the house. It was a mess but now that we have finished we just have to clean our car. Messy messy messy!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 2 Church (Holiday)

It is Sunday and I we had to get ready for church! The time was 8:00 and we still didn't get out of bed. We stayed in bed for 2 hours and the time then was 10:00. We went to eat breakfast and then we changed for church!

We started the church and it was long. I waited and waited and then we were nearly finished, but then my grandpa told us to sit down and have a meeting. So we did and then it finished. We all had to unpack the things but I went and paid the church.

As soon as I finished paying money for our church and then I went home with my nana and grandpa. We got there and then we had a BIG FEAST!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 1 (Holiday)

The first day of the Holiday and I am loving it so much!! We got some ticket to go see the Auckland and Canterbury game. We got the tickets because we won out Auckland champs!!

I got at school with my mum and sister (Zion) and we saw some of my friends. Me and Zion ran to them and then Miss Va'afusuaga came out so we had to gather around. Us kids had to grab some jackets and then we took off.

I went with Mr Jacobson and his Wife and we were on our way. While we were going we were talking and it was so loud we hardly heard any song. It was so cool because we kept on laughing. I was talking to Asena and Jordenne and Hannah were talking!

As soon as we got there we were so happy. We parked near Eden Park and then we walked to the stadium. Our whole team with the teachers were waiting until the teams of Auckland and Canterbury came out and they finally came and we were cheering! I went for Auckland!!

They played and played and Auckland had 7 nil and then they had 15 and Canterbury still had nil. It came to the second half and Auckland scored heaps and got to 39. Canterbury tried there hardest and then they made it up to 19. We were all happy and had a great day! Good Game AUCKLAND!

Friday, September 6, 2013


 This is my video I did on Educreation.. I am learning about percentages and I really hope you enjoy!:)

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I would like to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the fathers out there. I hope you have an awesome Sunday. By the way I am still up because we are making lolly necklesses for today at church. So FATHER ENJOY a lovevly Sunday!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Surprise Birthday Paty

Flies hovered around the kitchen, looking for a suitable place to land.
Mrs Stevens carefully opened the hot oven and took out the two dozen small cakes inside. They were to be part of a surprise birthday party for her son, who would be home soon from school. After cooling the cakes by the open window, she began to decorate them with icing, cream and 'hundreds and thousands'. Then she put them onto a large serving plate and took them to the dining table where she covered them with a brightly embroidered cloth over the cakes.
On the table were six cups and a similar number of knives, forks and serviettes. A birthday card with a picture on the front of a large cake with ten candles burning brightly sat at one end of the jarrah table.
Rain began to drip slowly down the drainpipe outside as Mrs Stevens removed her apron and hurried outside to the utility in the tin shed. Soon she was speeding down the rough and bumpy road to the bus stop. She was just in time to see a happy looking Shane waving goodbye to Mrs Johnson, the bus driver. Two minutes later he was even happier as he was joined by his unexpected guests at the dining table while Mrs Stevens began to make preparations in the kitchen for the evening meal.

1. The name of the boy celebrating his birthday was?

2. Why do you think the boy's mother placed a cloth over the cakes?
So nothing won’t drop or the mother wanted to surprise him with the cake

3. This story took place at about (9, 11, 1, 4, 7) o'clock?
4.00 O’clock

4. How many surprise guests were at the party?
6 surprise guests

5. Why did Mrs Stevens open the oven carefully?
Because it was really hot
6. How old was the boy turning on his birthday?
He was turning 10

7. lt was raining heavily on the boy's birthday

8. Mrs Stevens was late for the bus because she had to remove the apron and hurry to the utility in the shed.

9. Write the words in the story which tell you the answer to question 8.

10. What did Mrs Stevens use to cool the cakes? She use the air outside when she opened the window.

11. Why did she have to cool the cakes?
So it won’t be hot.

12. How many seconds did it take to drive home from the bus stop?
120 seconds

Going to Church on Sunday

It was the last day of the weekend which was Sunday. I woke up at 6.00 O'clock and there was lightning and thunder. I was scared but then I was tired again and then slept. 

I then woke up at 8.30 and it was nice and bright. I went and brushed my teeth and then ate. I went for a shower and then got ready for church. I was wearing a white pair. My mum came and picked us up and then we went.

They were talking and talking in the car and then we finally got there. I had to unpack the things from the car and I also had to pack the things in church. We were waiting for more people to get to the church and then they got there.

We started the church and it was long. I waited and waited and then we were nearly finished, but then my grandpa told us to sit down and have a meeting. So we did and then it finished. We all had to un pack the things but I went and paid the church.

As soon as I finished paying money for our church and then I went home with my nana and grandpa. We got there and then we had a BIG FEAST!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some Reading Questions/Indian In The Cupboard

This is my short movie that I took this morning. I had to go outside with Jarahd and record the answers of the questions that Jarahd asked me. ENJOY:)

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Aunties Birthday

During the weekend on Saturday it was my aunties birthday. She turned 27. We didn't buy a cake we made a cake and my uncle made it. He made to small circle cakes and then he made some chocolate whipped cream.

While it was cooking he went to pick the birthday lady. She was at work. My uncle went with his sister and they got her and came back to my Nana and grandpa's house. She got there and she was outside in the rain. "Happy Birthday" I shouted happily and she replied "THANK YOU" and then she came inside.

The cake was ready and we did a little prayer before we eat. It was long and then we finished. I had to help my aunty get the cake on the table because it got bigger because we stuck the cakes together. I put the candle on it and we sang the song first.

As soon as we finished singing the song, I lit up the candles and she blew it. We all clapped and then  my grandpa said "Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, and my aunty was smiling.

We cut up the cake and then grabbed a piece. When we all grabbed a piece we did another short prayer and we ate the cake. My aunty and I got the food ready and we ate. It was takeaway and other things. It was nice and we enjoyed our aunties birthday.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Netball Game

As soon as school finished we had to go home and get ready for netball. It started at 5:55 and we had to be at the courts before 5:15 so we can change. First I went to get Meleane (my friend) and then we went to the courts.

It was 5:15 when we got there and we were worried but then we went to get our uniform for netball and got changed. We grabbed a ball and trained a little and ran around. Before our game was the year 6 team 2's game and we went to cheer them.

We cheered and cheered and then the loud noise went on and that meant the quarter was finished and that quarter was the last one. It was our turn to play and we had 5 minutes to get ready. We warmed up and then I shouted "Red ferns on 3.......1.........2..........3" because I was captain. 

We played and we were doing well. The team we played against was Revelation and Revelation had the ball first. They got it down to there shooter but then we intercepted and got it away from them so we got the first goal. We were killing it.

The game went on and on and then when it got to the 3rd and 4th quarter, they were winning by miles. Hannah (my friend) and I were on the 4th quarter and we were good but all together is better. We were all trying to get up to them but the noise of the finishing quarter went on.

It finished and we had to cheer for them so then I shouted again "3 cheers for Revelation hooray.....hooray....hooray. Then we high fived them and we said good game. The score was..........................................................22-6 and we lost but I reckon we did well.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lost in a Island With some Friends (Free Blog Writing)

One day I went to the airport and I went to a tropical Island. I was the only one that was going to this Island. I went in the airplane and I was by my self. Me, myself and I didn't go with anyone at all but as soon as I got there, there were only 3 people but including me there were 4.

So there were 2 girls and 2 boys that stayed. There were no houses and no nothing but only trees. The only thing we took was some food, heaps of water so we can drinks it and shower with it and we also took some clothes and soap there.

The 3 friends were playing games and while they were playing I was minding my own business. I was eating heaps and drinking because it was so sunny and hot. I felt like having a shower but there was no where to do it. So we all spread out and I found a house with exactly 4 room. There was a shower there and also it had everything we needed.

I had a nice long shower and then we went out side and played hand games. It was fun. We all went some where because after some hand games we played hide and seek and 1 of them which is Maia had to count and we all hided. I hid some other place and the 2 boys hid at the same place. Maia finished counting and she was searching hard out.

When she gave up she shouted out our names but we were lost. It was freaky and scary because I was by myself and i though in my head, Lucky the boys because they are together. I went somewhere and it was a beach. It was nice but then it got dark and it was getting scary and scary every moment.

I tried going back to the house but it was just to dark I couldn't see. But then  felt the sand and I followed my foot steps. I got back to the house and i saw my friend Maia she was crying but as soon as she saw me she stopped and came to me.

As soon as she finished crying we went inside the house and had a sleep...................It was the morning. We woke up and brushed our teeth and have breakfast. When we finished having breakfast we took some food to find the boys. We saw some foot steps and we followed it.

It was 20minutes later and then we found them. We gave them the food and they were eating hard out. Maia and I told them to come with us back home because we were going to go back to New Zealand. We got to the house and we waited 1 more hour and then the plane got here and we went back to New Zealand. We had a great day.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brave Little Tailor

Title: The Brave Little Tailor

Author: The Brothers Grimm

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses): Little Tailor, Giant, King

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): At a old city in a room

What was the problem? There 7 dead and 1 stroke and when the tailor met the giant, the giant was scared because he thought that the Little tailor killed humans.

What was the solution? When these men heard the tailor speaking thus, they were overcome by a great fear, and ran as if the wild huntsman were behind them, and none of them would venture anything further against him. So the little tailor remained a king to the end of his life.

What was the Moral of the Story? To always be brave

My favourite part of the story was? The tailor killed seven flies.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo)