Monday, October 15, 2012

White Sunday

On Saturday we got ready for White Sunday. It is when kids celebrate there day. I really liked it because I like standing up in front of people and doing my speech. I was feeling nervous but not after all, I stood up and faced my fears.

As soon as Sunday came, we ate and had our very last practice before we get ready to say our speeches.   We went to change and wear white clothes. My sisters and I had our dress from last year which was so fluffy. "Come in the car now" shouted my mum! I was in a rush.

We drove until we got there and took everything we needed. As we stepped in the church I saw my cousins and I was very embarrassed. I moved some table before we can start church. I wondered how is it going to feel standing up in front of these many people? 

My grandpa wanted it to start so we did and we sat down quietly and quickly! We started of with a song  then another song and after those to things we did a prayer. It was time to stand up after a long prayer! Our cousins were going up first because there one was long.

First they danced and then made there short speech, but the other speech was very long because the were bit with songs. They ended with a dance and sat down. Our one was up next and we stood up and walked to the front.

Our starting thing was a song and after was our speech. My sister started of with saying what we are going to talk about and then was my other sis. It was my turn to say my speech and I said it to my cousin. He said something back and after was my last speech I said to him and he replied back.

Then my oldest sister had a short speech. She just had to say a question and then my cousin answers. It was finished and my older sister said the very last speech for our White Sunday speeches. Then it was our song time with a dance.

We said something that we had to say so we finish it of properly. It was in Samoan. We were done and the people cheered!!!

As soon as we kids finished our speeches we carried on with church and it was done. I was so happy!

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  1. Hey Iron,

    White Sunday is fun isn't it. I love saying my part, dancing and singing. Were their heaps of people? I think you done really well. Your parents must be proud of you.

    KEEP IT UP!!


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