Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Commonwealth facts

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Game

The Commonwealth Game is in Glasgow
Its full of sports
71 countries are competing
Its similar to Olympics
Its every 4 years

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Its for the very best sporting talent
Big sporting event in Scotland in a generation
Glasgow was chosen as Host City by the Commonwealth Games Federation in 2007
There are 17 sports in this event
There will be a vast audience of about 1.5 million people
The first Commonwealth game was hosted in Hamilton, Canada which was in 1930
There were no games in 1942 to 1946 due to World War 2 (WW2)
Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales have been in every game
Greg Yelavich won twelve medals in seven games from 1986 to 2010
50% of people competing in the Commonwealth games are under the age of 25

Holiday - Sunday School Exams

Its was Saturday morning and I was getting ready for my Sunday school exam. As soon as the clock hit 10:00 O’clock we went straight to the hall to make a start. When everyone got there we did a prayer just before we started our exams.

Just before we started, they gave out papers for the questions that we got from the Bible. 4-6 minutes later I finished and then we got roman numbers to answer. I gave it in and then there was a time for every else to finish.

As soon as all the classes finished there paperwork, we had to go to our priest. We had to say our bible verses, say the old testament and the new testament and we also had to answers some other questions from a question book.

Every class finished and then we had to wait for 15 minutes so they can find out who comes first in each class. They first called out the little kids group and my brother came first. They then got to my younger sisters group and she came first with 86%.

As soon as my class got called out I came first and we were suppose to get 100% but I got 95% and my partner got 86%. I’m so happy because I have came first every year since I started doing my church exam!

Friday, July 4, 2014


In extension we have been focusing on Malawi kids and what would help them! This short movie is a informercial about being tired of standing up to pump the water! I hope you enjoy this very short film of mine that i've created!

AFL - Australian Football League/Kiwi sport

AFL stands for Australian Football League and we have been taking lessons with a guy named Tim. This week was our third week of AFL (Kiwi sports) and we have learnt a lot. Our class, class 2 learnt how to pass the ball, how to bounce it and more.

To pass the ball you have to do a plate with your hand curve it and then place the ball on it. As soon as its on your plate (hand), you scoop it like an ice cream, but you scoop heaps of ice cream. If you don’t pass the ball like you're scooping an ice cream then its a hand over.

If you face the laces on top its for you to bounce the ball. When you bounce the ball its only if you don’t wanna pass it, and you can only bounce it three times. We also learnt why you should bounce the ball and how to bounce the ball when you jog, run or sprint.

As soon as we learnt all of the skills for Australian Football League, we started to play with each other and see who is faster at passing it, or either bouncing it. What I want to learn is how to kick the ball and its for a goal! I hope we’ll learn how to kick it in another lesson!

I really enjoyed learning more about Australian league but the year before last year I played a tournament!! But I still learnt more and how to play much better!