Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Me,myself and I

This is a collage that I made on comic life, but not just comic life I use hyperstudio to. It is about my culture, the sports that I like and thing that represents myself.

The first symbol which has a heart and a cross means I go church. I LOVE going church. I am a Methidos

The second symbol is my lovely culture Samoa. I like the island Samoa because it is always sunny but when it rains I play in it.

My third symbol represents my very favorite sport softball. Softball is my favorite sport because it is the only sports I've tryed out for.

Also my last symbol is me and my brother. It is me and him holding hands because he is very cheeky. He is just 2 years old and he is a very silly brother.

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I hope you enjoyed my story.!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Candy Dragon

In a market in China a highly skilled man melted sugar, and drew a dragon by dribbling it on to a non-stick paper. He kept the sugar hot and melted by continually stirring it over the fire. The sugar was golden and it looked like caramel. Peeling the dragon off with a stick, the audience were smiling.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hippos Chasing the Boat

As the tourists enjoyed the morning boat ride, they were unaware of the danger in in the water below. Protecting their babies, the hippos chased the boat away. Dangerously, the hippo surged up beside the tourists boat.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Duffy show

Watching the Duffy show I laughed out loud, and I could not stop. My best character was Scruffy. My favorite part was how Scruffy pretended that Piri Weepu was playing rugby with him. Instead of everyday I’m shuffling, Scruffy said “everyday I’m Scruffiling.”I laughed hahaha. Asking my friends with a sigh I said “is the show finished yes said Jordenne. I replied back and said oh no. In my mind I said to my self they will come back next year to tell us a new story.

Frozen Canals in Amsterdam

Once in a land ice melts by the sun and children could not get to school. This is about a movie that a land has been frozen in about 15 years ago. They selled hot thing to keep them warm. The hot things was hot food and hot tea. One interesten thing is about canals of Amsterdam.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Winning the game, I was filled with enthusiasm for next week.

Outside on the field, the grass was wet.

Powerfully I hit the ball as far as I could.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holiday in Summer

Holidays has started. Hooray! I was looking forward to it. I went to the beach while sun was shining. It was a very good day to eat ice cream there. The flavour I had was strawberry. At the beach i was swimming. I made a big slash because I dived into the water. While swimming I made a sand castle.

After a nice sunny day at the beach we played games outside my Nana’s and Grandpa’s house while it was not raining. The games we played was none stop cricket, Lape and Baseball. I was so scared to play it because I did not know how. Once I played it I got better and better. My favorite game’s was all of it.

Next day I went to the sea. Everyone was so excited. We were talking about it and they were not packing. I said to my sisters less talking more packing. As soon we finished packing we went in the car and got ready to go. ZOOM! We were ready to go. As soon we got there I went for a change and got ready to swim again. I was making a trail to slide from the sand into the water. I slide on it and I made a big splash. We finish swimming then we went for a shower. My day was over at the sea. I had a lot of fun there.

Day 4 was raining and I went outside to play in it. There was a big puddle and I went and splashed in it. I wet my Sister and she got angry so then I said sorry. We played tiggy after that. I was in and I chased after my little sister then I slipped and they were laughing then they helped me to get up. I tagged them as soon as they picked me up. I liked that day but it ended.

Again that day was sunny like day 1 day 2 day 3 but it rain on day 4. We stayed inside and played BINGO. The person who was calling the letter and number was me. We played for money. I earned money because that how you play. I had 6$. I wish that day would never end but it did.

On day six I was very tired because I slept at 1:30. I woke up at 9:48 in the morning. I still wanted to sleep while I was eating. My Sisters thought I was about to cry because I yawned. In the afternoon I went for another sleep. I liked sleeping so I can grow taller and I kind of did. Then at night we watch a video and it was cool. As soon as it got to the amazing part of the video It said to be continued. That night I slept early so I could wake up early then I did.

Thursday, February 2, 2012