Friday, October 31, 2014

Auckland Museum Trip

First day back to school from our labour weekend and it rocked. The intermediate got the opportunity to get ready for.....Our Museum trip, sounds fun right! We went to the museum to learn about art because our topic this term is Art Attack (like I said on my very first post I posted this term).

As soon as we got there we ate straight away. It wasn't that fun but until we finished we had a tour but this was to draw a picture that has flax (harakeke). I drew a really nice one. Once we drew our flax picture we moved on and drew any maori thing we saw in front of us.

I drew a tiki and there were heaps of patterns on it. I also entered a marae, but before we all had to take off our shoes. I then got out of it and went to a mini waterfall that had instruction which said "You are invited to wash your hand" so I did and it felt fresh.

My group all finished washing our hands and then we were on our way to the volcano house (where we experience what a volcano feels like). It was quite packed but we also learnt what to do when it happens and how it does. It shook and 1 of my friends cried a little.

I enjoyed it because of the art that was in the museum, and I also got to touch some of it. After we finished checking out the inside of the museum, we went outside and took different pictures of anything!

We also saw a mini water fountain and it was pretty cool. All of our groups walked on to it and most of us fell. We also got to read about it and who made it. Once we felt the water we also got ready to go to the domain, but we didn't because it rained.

It was actually fun and I especially enjoyed it because I was with my friends. I'd love to to visit there again!

This is a photo of a tiki, I like it because it showes the patterns I like and how its designed.

In the marae I saw this photo so we took a picture of it because its a maori design. It also suits the colour of how it is made.

The photo right on the left represents the waka where we saw the tivaevae and I also got to touch it!

This represents a bag which was made out of flax/harakeke, and we were suppose to draw of something that is made of flax/harakeke so I sort of drew the design that is on this bag.

Last but not least, this is of the museum, yes I know it doesn't look too fancy but if you visit inside, you'd love it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

About rugby

Keeping the ball safe
Defending your opponents
The Positions

How do you play rugby?

Have you ever tried playing rugby, or even wanted to play rugby? But you don’t even know how to play? Well here is an explanation of how to play rugby. When I was year 5 I started playing sports like rugby and it was the best sport I first played. so I went for it and now I know how to play. So if you want to know, read my explanation and find out heaps!

If your team has the ball and you are holding it you have to run and hold it like it means everything to you. You know you want to score a try or win for your team, so you have to step your opponents or at least run where you won’t get tackled. You’ve got to put the ball under your armpit, and run as fast as you can or use your skills and past the ball to your other team-mates.

Defending your team is very hard, so avoid what you think is weak and go hard for the difficult ones. You have to tackle hard and if they step you just keep on chasing because you never know what will happen. Because if they slow down you can probably tackle them just before they try, so go hard!

There are supposed to be 15 people on each team, so that's 30 all together! 2 Props, 2 Rowers and Flankers, Centre, 2 Wings, Full - Back, 2 Locks, Half - Back, and Scrum half with number 8. It’s also hard to remember where you are standing, but you’ll get used to it.

Now that you know the things I know, I hope you’ll know how to play the game when you trial for rugby or when you play with your friends. When you you first play the game it will feel like you just finished getting a hiding, but if you keep going you’ll get use to the feeling.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Symbol definition and Samoan Tatau Tattoo

Symbolism Definition
the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.

Symbol Definition
a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation.

Symbolic Definition
serving as a symbol.

Tatau Tattoo
Back in the days, only 2 families were allowed to get the tatau/pea, Suluape’s family and Su’a’s family. Falaniko Tominiko was a resident of Auckland Uni. Just before Falaniko gets the tattoo he first had to ask his parents, His mum was worried because of the pain, and also thought he was joking. It then got really serious the dad said it was all about bravery but especially service.

Its actually traditional to have a soa (partner) for support. Once you start on the tatau you must get it finished because it is an embarrassment to the family! Also if you treat the tattoo artist he’ll finish off your tattoo in the most less painful way, but if you don’t treat him right then he’ll treat you by doing your tattoo painful.

Overall, what I learnt was not to be selfish with what you do, what you have or what you learnt. Suluape taught Falaniko’s soa (supporter) how to do it. Its actually good to teach people new stuff like being a tattoo artist.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Samoan Tattoo

This tattoo I drew myself represents the teuila which is the flower. I drew this because it represents my culture and it really nice and easy to draw.
Now this photo here that I drew is actually suppose to be around the arm or leg. Its also a Samoan tattoo that I like and I wish to get it one day I grow up!
Last but not least, this tattoo is meant to be tattooed on the leg. It also inspired me because it represents my culture. This is also a little bit too much so I would never get it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

Every start of the term Pt England school has an immersion assembly. It shows what the topic is and it is also about showing team items. This term, (term 4), our topic is ‘Art Attack’ and it’s based on doing art and drawing any sort of patterns.

To begin the fun, team 1 was ready to show their item. It was about visiting the beach/river to see how the environment was looking and, to also have a picnic for there own team. They were checking out the environment around our school so they can get inspire their artwork that they are working on.

As soon as team 1 finished their item and movie it was team 2’s turn. All of them were dressed in 3 different colours. They first showed a movie and it was about the primary colours. It showed us the 3 colours, red, blue and yellow. When 2 of each colours gets mixed together, it makes secondary colours. e.g blue and yellow make green. Their movie finished and then they just asked questions.

Next it was team 3’s turn to present what they're learning, there were 5 teachers and they were 5 different artists. I can’t remember their names but one was a person who drew cans of soup and he drew Marilyn Monroe. There was also another that I was quite inspired by and what he does is he holds a spoon while he is sleeping because he dreams of what he will draw and once the spoon drops, he wakes up and starts drawing what he saw in his dream.

“Team 4” Mr Burt shouted and up they came. This time there were more than 5 artists. They all got up on the stage and I saw a Samoan painting, it was a siapo. It was a man named Fatu Feu’u that drew it and he was born in Samoa. There was another teacher next to Miss Lavakula and it was Miss Jacobsen. She was acting as Vincent Van Gogh. Miss Jacobsen was holding up a picture that Vincent drew and it was the drawing called ‘The Starry Night’.

Once their team finished it was out teams turn, team 5. Our team 5 teachers dressed up in black and white and one also had a mustache. I was actually excited to see this one. There were six of them and 2 had to draw one painting, so there were actually 3 paintings. They first started and our whole school had no clue what they were drawing because they drew it upside down, but once they finished they flipped it around and it was 3 teachers from our school. Mr Jacobsen, Mrs Jarman and Mr Burt.