Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

Every start of the term Pt England school has an immersion assembly. It shows what the topic is and it is also about showing team items. This term, (term 4), our topic is ‘Art Attack’ and it’s based on doing art and drawing any sort of patterns.

To begin the fun, team 1 was ready to show their item. It was about visiting the beach/river to see how the environment was looking and, to also have a picnic for there own team. They were checking out the environment around our school so they can get inspire their artwork that they are working on.

As soon as team 1 finished their item and movie it was team 2’s turn. All of them were dressed in 3 different colours. They first showed a movie and it was about the primary colours. It showed us the 3 colours, red, blue and yellow. When 2 of each colours gets mixed together, it makes secondary colours. e.g blue and yellow make green. Their movie finished and then they just asked questions.

Next it was team 3’s turn to present what they're learning, there were 5 teachers and they were 5 different artists. I can’t remember their names but one was a person who drew cans of soup and he drew Marilyn Monroe. There was also another that I was quite inspired by and what he does is he holds a spoon while he is sleeping because he dreams of what he will draw and once the spoon drops, he wakes up and starts drawing what he saw in his dream.

“Team 4” Mr Burt shouted and up they came. This time there were more than 5 artists. They all got up on the stage and I saw a Samoan painting, it was a siapo. It was a man named Fatu Feu’u that drew it and he was born in Samoa. There was another teacher next to Miss Lavakula and it was Miss Jacobsen. She was acting as Vincent Van Gogh. Miss Jacobsen was holding up a picture that Vincent drew and it was the drawing called ‘The Starry Night’.

Once their team finished it was out teams turn, team 5. Our team 5 teachers dressed up in black and white and one also had a mustache. I was actually excited to see this one. There were six of them and 2 had to draw one painting, so there were actually 3 paintings. They first started and our whole school had no clue what they were drawing because they drew it upside down, but once they finished they flipped it around and it was 3 teachers from our school. Mr Jacobsen, Mrs Jarman and Mr Burt.

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