Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Investigation

This is my Investigation for extension. I made a form and 37 people answered it. I had to put it all together from question 1 to 13 to please EENJOY this presentation!!:)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Balloon Investigation

 This is a presentation we were meant to post last term on term2 but I didn't finish it so here you go. Watch all the slides and if you do this experiment them look carefully and the gear you need. ENJOY:)

Monday, July 29, 2013

McDonald on Sunday for coming first in our Exams

During the recent holiday, we have been learning things for our exam. There were heaps of things we had to do like, remember a speech, remember answers for 8, 9, or 10 questions, do a long prayer and a even say all the names in the Bible. Also answers some questions from the Bible but we wrote it we didn’t say it. It was in Samoan.

It was tricky because there were heaps of things. The first thing we had to do was answer the questions on the paper from the Bible and I only did for about 5 minutes and I finished. Then I had to do the Roman numbers. I got stuck but I got it.

I finished and I told my mum that I finished but she told me to "check, check and check" so I did and I was happy with my answers and then she took it. I was waiting for a while for them to call me to go to them so I can say the prayer, do my speech that is long, do some questions and say the names in the Bible.

They called out my name and then I went to my grandpa and grandma to do all those things. I had to answer some questions first and then say the Bible names, after the bible names I did the prayer and I got all of it but just the prayer I mucked it up but I still got it.

When we all finished doing it we had a break and ate some food. It was tuna sandwiches and pancakes. "Yum Yum" I said. We ate and ate and then my grandpa stood up and said, it is now time to call out who came what. Like first second or third.

He called out the first class which was class number 1 and my sister and cousin were in the same group and my sister came first. She got a bible and a book with some pen/pencils. But my cousin got a small Bible a soft book and pencils.

My Grandpa called out the second class and it was all my cousins. But I was going for my cousin in Mangere but she came third. Then my Nana called out to my aunty to come and do the classes from 3 up to 7 so she did and I was waiting for whoever is going to come first and second out of me and my cousin.

So my aunt called out who came first and it was me and I was so excited and happy. I got a Bible and a packet with junk food, yummy. My aunt kept on calling it out and all of us came first. My brother, sisters and I came first.

So then it was Sunday. We went church and as soon as it finished we bought McDonalds and we got the Big Mac. We ate and ate then we went home. It was 2 fun days!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Matariki Festival in G.I (Glenn Innes)

Went to the Matariki Festival and it was amazing. It had heaps of lights and there was a trail of circles to the parks. They were huge and some light were hanging from the tree and it looked like the lights were going to come to us.

When I went through the park lights with my bike, we went on a trail to the back of the library where you can see heaps of animal shaped light like reindeer's, and birds and the other light were just zig zag and up and down. But it still looked awesome! We had heaps of fun and the best bit was riding through the lights!!!

Matariki Tonight in Glenn Innes

So tonight I am going to G.I (Glenn Iness). We are going there because it is about the Matariki sisters. WE have been watching them set up and it already looks cool. We can see it from our house and the put up some animals that glow. It is going to look awesome tonight!!

Just woke up in the morning................

So I woke up in the morning and it wasn't near 7:00 O'clock and I remembered we have no school so I slept again and then I woke up at around 7:00 and grabbed the netbook so I can write a blogpost which is this one.

It is a sunny morning so it is probably a nice day to go to the beach but we haven't planned so yeah. I wish we could go to the beach for this holiday!! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Go Animate

Watch this and Enjoy. I made it on GoAnimate.
Create one your self if you have time but watch
this so you know what to write or what to do!

Georgie Pie/McDonalds

Just started the Holidays and I am loving it already. I came back from school and my mum said we are going to eat Georgie pie at the McDonald. We were all happy!! We had never tasted Georgie pies but my mum and dad did in the olden days.

So we watched TV so we can wait patiently. I was waiting for long but I just couldn't wait because I just wanted to eat it already. Then 20 minutes later we went and we went inside to eat. We ordered Georgie pie and fries. Then we got some drinks for us.

I took a bite of the pastry and you couldn't believe what it tasted like. "It was delicious" I said to my sister and she replied "of course it is" and we were just eating peacefully. We loved the Georgie pie and the fries but after we ate I had to take my brother to the play land/play ground.

It was fun but then we left but we had a exciting time!! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!

High Light of the term

So my high light of the term is going to Kelly Tarltons with my literacy and going with the whole 3 classes as well. It is my high light because we went together and we were like 1 class all together. And another reason why because it is my high light is because it was a trip and the only trip.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Writing Narrative: Week 10-Term2

Something brushed up towards my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw a...a...a...a...a..........DOG! Aaaaaaaah I shouted! It was a bulky dog and I was just standing there shaking with fear. I was so scared because the dog was looking at me angrily and people were staring at me.

It was black, huge and scary. It looked at me and I was about to run, but I realized that when I run it will follow me and try to bite me while I am running. It might bite my leg or it might bite any parts of my body. It was staring at me with its big eyes and its nostrils became bigger and bigger every second I look at him, “its so freaky” I said!

I started walking away but it was just following me behind. It became freakier and freakier as soon as it was following me everywhere I go. It had big claws, huge muscles and big eyes.

As soon as it was following me I got use to and use to so if I go somewhere dangerous it will protect me.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Typing Test (Highest Score)

This is my typing test highest score. I am still learning how to type fast but my highest score is 46. That is the highest I can go.

Our Movie for Te Reo (COMPETITION)

I want you to latch this movie and see what yo think about!
I hope you enjoy it and this is a movie for a Te Reo competition:)

My Orca Whale Animation

Watch this awesome movie! I hope you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shared Lunch

So tomorrow we are going to have a shared lunch for our netball team, year 6 team 1 Red ferns. We are having a shared lunch because it is the last netball for the term. So I am taking biscuits and some mini sugar donuts. YUMMY!

Can't wait until tomorrow! It is going to be our netball coach (Harry) and our manager (Yvette). It will be our whole team there! WOOHOO! Also on Friday we have another shared lunch because 2 girls from our 3 classes are leaving our school to go to Heisting.

It is so sad to hear that they are going but they are going there and staying there. They are also going to have school there. I wish they didn't go because they are funny and pretty. Also they are helpful.

Wish this is our food for the shared >>>>>
McDonald All day!!

Coming up..............

Guess what is coming up? It is............HOLIDAY. Hooray get to have a 2 week break from school. I am happy and not so happy. I am happy because I going to spend time with my family. And the reason why I am not so happy is because there is not going to be any school.

Can't wait for what I am going to do in the holidays!!

Finished Parent Interveiw

Just finished parent interview and I got told that I am good! Praise the LORD for that! By the way got a awesome report. WELL DONE ME! HORRAY! I love it.

Questions and Answers about Family

So what do you love about your family?
What I love about my family is that they care for me and they love me and I love them to!

What does family mean to you?
Well to me family means everything.

Do you love your family and do you care about them??
I love and care about my family.

Why do you love and care about them?
I love them because they love me and I care for them because they care about me!:)

 <3 <3 <3

My best mashup song

So this is one of my favorite mash up of the year and it is great!! I always listen to it while I am bored. So I listened to it and I realized it is good to publish on my blog so I am and here it is. Listen to the mash up and ENJOY!!


Recently during the weekend, I went to Chipmunks. It was on Friday and it was the best day of our break from school. Once I entered I was amazed by the huge slide that was colourful, play stations, and even more.

There was also a playing side for the babies which was great for my cousins because they were all under five. They were so excited and they really couldn't wait to get on the slides. It was the best day for them as well.

We began with going on the babies side then went on the children's playground. I reason why I went on the children playground and the kids slide is because I had to look after my little baby cousins. As soon as they finished going onto the little kids playground and that they got ready to go on the big slide.

It was terrifying the whole way through but when I got to the top of the slide, I felt better!! I kept on going at the top and then sliding back down and doing the same thing every time. Then when I finished going on the slide I went to the play station games. It was fun.

When I finished playing some fun play station, it was time to go but now I want to go back and live there forever and ever and ever!!

Jordenne, Iron and Ana

DLO about penguins, ENJOY

Monday, July 8, 2013

Parents Interview

Coming up is parents interview and it is tomorrow. My interview time is at 4:50 and i am excited. iF i got  bad report I would get in trouble. But hopefully I get a good report and they will tell my parents that i have been good. If I haven't................................

So it is going to be me last out of my sister (Zion and Maypo). Because Maypo is first and her one is at 4:30 and my other sister Zions one is at 4:40. So it goes in oder. Maypo, Zion then me.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My friend Hannah's Birthday!!

During Friday Jordenne and I were waiting for the next day. It was Going to be Saturday. Did you know why we were waiting for Saturday?? It is because Hannah was going to have her 11 birthday. We got invited so we just couldn't wait.

In the morning of Saturday, I woke up and remembered it was one of my close friends birthday so I got up and went to brush my teeth and eat. As soon as I finished doing those things, I was just waiting patiently for 1 O'clock to struck.

So it struck to 1 and I went to eat so I could get ready for Hannah's birthday. As I finished eating Hannah rang me and told me I had to go now because they were going to pick up some other friends of mine (Asena and Jordenne). So I just said "can you wait for me to get there and then we can go and get Jordenne and Asena so they waited for me.

As soon as I got there there we heaps of houses but there was only 1 that could be Hannah's. So I just looked for the house but guess how I found the house? It is because my birthday friend popped her head out of the door so I saw her hair and I shouted "HANNAH". Then I gave her the present I had for her and it was a blanket.

She was so excited and me to. But when I got up on the steps I saw her brushing the ground with her broom and then I went inside and you can not believe what I saw. My friend showed me around the house and I saw a huge computer screen and it was an I mac. And also I saw two big TV and 1 was in the lounge and the other was in the play room. It was
A M A Z I N G!

When the birthday girl finished showing me around the place her mum and dad introduced themselves. But then we went into Hannah's room and it was full but really nice. SO I asked her if I can play on the scooter and she said yes so we both went outside and Hannah was playing shoots with the ball. But then her dad Lama asked us if we wanted to pump the ball so we replied "yes please" so he went and Hannah, Mariah (her mum) and I were waiting for him so we could pick Jordenne and Asena.

He got here and then I shouted he is here so then we went and the birthday girl said "mum (to Mariah) what if the other girls come like Sela, who would they stay with so then Mariah replied "Oh Sela will just stay with your dad and play with him" So I was just laughing and then we all had a giggle.

After having a laugh/giggle we went to pick up Asena first because she was close and then Hannah and I went and knocked on the door and said to the mum "Can we get Asena please" so she said yes and Asena came with us and we went to pick up Jordenne. We got there but no 1 wanted to go knock on her door because she had a German Shepherded dog so we just rang the grandpa and asked him if we could have Jordenne and he replied "yes she is on her way" So then she hopped in the car and she gave a present for Hannah. It was a big pillow, a pen and a book with some toy things.

As soon as we got home I showed Asena around the place and Hannah showed Jordenne around. Then we went into the kitchen and Lama was making some sausage rolls and he told us we are going to do some challenges so we had to get a partner.

So this girl called Leila came and then she was partners with Jordenne and they did the marshmallow challenge. It was to see how many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth. So they began and we were counting. When they got up to 7 and 8 marshmallows they thought like bringing it out because Jordenne had 8 and Leila had 7 so Jordenne won.

As soon as we finished doing that challenge we went into the play room and we were playing buzzer. WE played heaps of them and Jordenne was winning them all so we had the last 1 and we didn't want Jordenne to win so we were going hard out but she still came first. Straight at the end of the game it showed who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and Jordenne came 1st in the whole thing. I came 2nd and Asena came 3rd but Sela came 4th.

So we finished buzzer right and then Lama told us it was almost time to go. We asked him how many times where are we going but he kept it a secret with his wife and Hannah but then he said we were near there and Jordenne said bowling. But he still wouldn't tell us but then I said it is bowling and then Lama said no because it is bowling and we were all like YAY yay YAY yay YAY!

We entered and the first thing we did was LAZER STRIKE. All of us went through the door to go and play but we had to listen for some instructions first. As soon as we finished listening Lama told us that we are going now and we all felt for and stood up but he said jokes and we were all like "few I thought we were actually going".

So 1 team went to put on there gear and that team was called The Legends. They had Hannah, Jordenne and Leila. So they put on there gear and they hid from us but then when we got our gear then Lama said that he was in our team called SIA because it was Sela, Me and Asena.

We played and it was fun. It said we had to start when loud music comes on so in about 10 seconds it came on and I went to shoot lazes to some of my enemies and it was funny! 1 of the people from the other team was running away but I was just following it and shooting while running. Then it turned around and shot me so they were dead (for fake) and I was chasing after other people.

All of us kept on playing and then one of our enemies was running and then she pretended to fall and everyone went to her and said "Are you alright" and then she looked at us like she was really hurt but then she shot us and we were all dead (also for fake again).

When the loud music went off, it meant we were finished and on my fake gun had the points I had from what I did to my enemies and I had 2960 points but my enemy had no points even though she made people die for fake. I felt sad for her but then we had to take off our gear and we all went "awwwwwww" because we finished Lazer Strike.

We exited Lazer strike and went bowling. First we had to write what name we are meant to do for bowling and Hannah's name was her nick name MISSY, Leila's name was Liam, Jordenne's name was Jojo, My name was obviously cool jokes it was Nori, and Asena's was her short name Sena and also last but not least Sela had a Swag name because her name was Swag!

Then we went bowling and Asena was coming in the lead but then Jojo came in the lead and she had heaps. My point was 37 and the others beat me by miles and then when it came to the 9th and 10th bowl me and Lama did it for all of us and Jordenne won all. She had 56.

It was time to go basketball shooting and we had to put a token in to play so Sela did it and she got 24 I did it after Sela and I got 28 and we got heaps of tickets. But then we went to the game that had the most tickets which was the cat and mouse one.

Once I finished I was waiting for the tickets to come out because there were heaps of them. Them we did it again and we had heaps of tickets. We went to the ticket machine and all together we had 116 so we bought something with it and it was bracelets and a whistle.

We finished buying our stuff and then we went and bought Domino Pizzas and the three DVD's to watch. We picked some and 1 was Mt.Zion the other was Parental Guidance and the last one is Paranoman. We waited for the pizza's and then we got it and once Lama came out with it Hannah, Jordenne and I were all like "wow there 8 pizzas.

We went home but the others warn't there so we just went in the house and we put the pizza's on the table for us to eat. They got here and they all shouted challenge time and it was me and Sela's challenge which was to eat a hard chocolate bar and see who has less and the less will win.

We started with halving it and den ate 1 half and then eat the other half. So we had 30 more second and I was chewing hard out and then the time was up and I won. I thought my friend was going to win but it was me but she was absolutely good.

As soon as our challenge finished we ate Pizza and they were telling us what we are doing after and they said that we are going to make our own ice cream sundae. And we were so happy. But we were still eating and while we were eating we were also laughing because of Jordenne and Leila. They were so funny.

They told us really funny stories. And Leila and I were the ones who kept on laughing. The only pizza we ate was the mozzarella pizza and no one ate the Hawaiian pizza so Lama and Mariah ate it. Mariah told us to go hard and then Jordenne pointed at me and I said "GO HARD FOR THE HUNGRY" but we were just eating.

Then we finished eating and it was 20 minutes later and we made our ice cream sundae. I was so excited because there was whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and banana's. I was ready to make it and I cut a banana in half, put it in the plate then put whipped cream on it then put chocolate syrup on the whipped cream and then I added some ice cream.

It was delicious! But we couldn't finish eating it so we gave it to Lama just to put it on the bench. Then Hannah and Asena did there challenge which was the weet-bix challenge. It was to see who can eat the weet-bix with less crums on the plate.

Then Lama said "And the winner is ...................... Hannah" because she had less crums and she ate all of her weet-bix. After there challenge, Lama and Mariah made some pop-corn so we can eat it while we are watching Mt.Zion and Parental Guidance so they gave it to us and the movie started.

It was Mt.Zion we watched first and it was funny. We watched it at 12:45 and then we let it finished and then we had a competition. It was all nighters. It means who ever stays up the longest wins so we did it and then Mt.Zion finished.

And then we were trying to find Parental Guidance so we could watch it. It was really funny and awkward because of the little kids. As soon as it was half way Hannah, Sela and I went to sleep and Leila, Asena and Jordenne we still awake.

The next morning on Sunday I woke up at 6 because I slept at 3 and I was so tired so then I slept again until 8 O'clock Lama came to us and shouted "Wake up girls GOOD MORNING" and then we all woke up and he said he is going to make really nice breakfast.

So then we all went and washed our face and then go on the table. We got on there and there was only cereal and then he bought on the table some crumpets. 1 plate of crumpets had nutella and the other plate had butter.

We ate it and It was delicious!! My favorite bit was eating and playing!!
And also did you realize this is my longest post ever because it has 3
paraghraphs and including the conclusion makes 34 so HORRAY!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Asena's Birthday

Today is one of my friends birthday, which is named Asena . I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! so this is a song for Asena Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear Asena Happy Birhtday to you!!!! So wish you have the best day of your life Asena. And may many more years come for you. Enjoy this lovely day!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

My blogs 200th post and 1 birthday

Did you know that this is going to be my 200th post of all years and I want to make it special by saying Happy birthday blog!! You have finally turned 1 years old. Good luck and may you stay forever. Have a piece of cake!

Tomorrows Netball

So tomorrow we have netball and after school we come back home but usually we stay school. But we have to come back home because our coach is not here and our parents or caregivers have to take us to the netball courts. So wish us luck that we will WIN tomorrow night!!

Kelly Tarltons

So I entered Kelly Tarlton and it was warm. We first went through a Photo both taker and a Man had to take the picture. We took two photos and one had to just smile and the second we put our hands up.

As we kept on moving on we went under a thing which was like a tunnel and it was spinning. Well we were spinning on the ground. And my team mates were pretending to fall and they were so funny like so funny!! I got so dizzy because I stood on it for long.

I went pass some awesome animals named Gentoo and King Penguins. They are so kind and sweet but sort of disgusting. And I saw one that did its businesses and the other penguin just came and slid on it like he didn't know it was even there.

Some flap its flippers and some slides on its stomach but most of them run then jumps and slides on its stomach so it goes into the water. Also there are some workers inside where the penguins are in and they are feeding them so it gets heaps and heaps of energy to do heaps of things.

As soon as I finished looking at the Penguins I went to a challenge. And it was two holes for two people so I  challenged my friend (Mao) and I lasted longer than her. It was a very COLD water and we had to last it 30 seconds or more so I beat her by heaps of minutes. Well she last more than 30 seconds and she was maybe 55 seconds but I made it up to 4 minutes and my hand was so num.

When we ended the challenge my group and I went around a thing and all around it had heaps of animal and it was awesome!! My leader was telling us what to do and once we went all the way around we went on the steps so we can see some sea horses and squid and also octopus.

While we were up stairs Miss Garden told us to go into a class room so we waited for 15 minutes and then a lady named Jennis told us to come inside the class room so we could learn some things about Antarctica like when they trained, what they wear and also how to survive.

As soon as Jennis finished talking about heaps of facts, she told us to grab our bags and then we went outside and we ate morning tea. So we finished eating morning tea and we went back to where we started. And then we had to write about what we saw at Kelly Tarltons so this is my piece of writing about Kelly Tarlton.