Monday, July 29, 2013

McDonald on Sunday for coming first in our Exams

During the recent holiday, we have been learning things for our exam. There were heaps of things we had to do like, remember a speech, remember answers for 8, 9, or 10 questions, do a long prayer and a even say all the names in the Bible. Also answers some questions from the Bible but we wrote it we didn’t say it. It was in Samoan.

It was tricky because there were heaps of things. The first thing we had to do was answer the questions on the paper from the Bible and I only did for about 5 minutes and I finished. Then I had to do the Roman numbers. I got stuck but I got it.

I finished and I told my mum that I finished but she told me to "check, check and check" so I did and I was happy with my answers and then she took it. I was waiting for a while for them to call me to go to them so I can say the prayer, do my speech that is long, do some questions and say the names in the Bible.

They called out my name and then I went to my grandpa and grandma to do all those things. I had to answer some questions first and then say the Bible names, after the bible names I did the prayer and I got all of it but just the prayer I mucked it up but I still got it.

When we all finished doing it we had a break and ate some food. It was tuna sandwiches and pancakes. "Yum Yum" I said. We ate and ate and then my grandpa stood up and said, it is now time to call out who came what. Like first second or third.

He called out the first class which was class number 1 and my sister and cousin were in the same group and my sister came first. She got a bible and a book with some pen/pencils. But my cousin got a small Bible a soft book and pencils.

My Grandpa called out the second class and it was all my cousins. But I was going for my cousin in Mangere but she came third. Then my Nana called out to my aunty to come and do the classes from 3 up to 7 so she did and I was waiting for whoever is going to come first and second out of me and my cousin.

So my aunt called out who came first and it was me and I was so excited and happy. I got a Bible and a packet with junk food, yummy. My aunt kept on calling it out and all of us came first. My brother, sisters and I came first.

So then it was Sunday. We went church and as soon as it finished we bought McDonalds and we got the Big Mac. We ate and ate then we went home. It was 2 fun days!!!

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