Friday, November 18, 2011


Sliding down the mountain I touched poo. Help! No one paid attention to me. Nooo!!! Sheep were close by as, I stood up and ran down the hill. Finally I got down but I bumped into wood and tripped. As I was closer to the sheep's they ran away.

King Kong and Slugs

Stupid King Kong was knowingly embarrassed. Knowingly embarrassed stupid King Kong cried. Embarrassing his friend knowingly, stupid King Kong felt bad. Knowingly embarrassed, stupid King Kong roared, and blew his friend away.

Creepy slugs unfortunately attempted to dance. Attempting to dance creepy slugs unfortunately tripped over. Unfortunately, while attempting to dance, creepy slugs scared there friends. Creepy slugs unfortunately attempted to sing to.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Alien Snot

Yuck! Slimy and smelly alien snot running down my hand. In classroom 13 we made alien snot.

The method for making alien snot is a bowl, a spoon, cornflour. a little bit of water, and green food coloring. First you have to pour some cornflour and water in the bowl and mix it. Then you pour some green food coloring in to and mix it again. Then you will have a sticky and icky alien snot.

While my team mates were mixing a little water with the cornflour and green food coloring it turned hard and it kind of smelt disgusting. My job was to look at it and see if it felt good.

What the snot felt like was like rock and it looked like play dough. As I put it on my hand it felt slimy. In the bowl it was hard and it was goopy.
Alien snot was the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever made.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

“Yum yum” I said. Miss King told us we were going to make some ice cream comet. She even said that we were gonna put ice cream on our hand. “Disgusting” I whispered to myself.

As Miss King scooped a little bit of chocolate ice cream on my hand it dripped through my fingers. It was icy cold.
I went to Lesieli and she gave me some crushed biscuits, and some sprinkles. There were hundreds and thousands of colourful sprinkles. Next I said to Whaea Janeille “Can you give me a cone please?”

The ice cream felt yuck in my hand and so slimy. I rolled it into a ball, sprinkles were stuck on my fingers, I felt like licking them. “Mmm” they tasted minty.

Delicious! I tasted the ice cream comet and it was yummy. There were different textures on my tongue. The tail for the comet was the cone and the comet rock was the chocolate ice cream.

Such and tasty, yet icy treat.