Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Mmmm huele los alfajorcitos tan riquisimo.
Yesterday Miss King taught room13 how to make some alfajorcitos - an Argentinian treat.

Alfajorcitos can be made very huge and can’t even fit in your mouth. Miss King loved them so much she wanted to share it with us. Alfajorcitos are from Argentina.

What we need for alfajorcitos is dulce de leche, biscuits, and coconut. We grabbed two biscuits then we spread the dulce de leche on it and we rolled it in to the coconut. When we started eating it, it was yummy.

What I experienced of making and eating alfajorcitos was sweetness on my taste buds. The dulce de leche was tasty and it even tasted like caramel. The dulce de leche was gooey, sticky and runny to. I really enjoyed it.

The alfajorcitos was yummy in my tummy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

Down on the field near the cold and windy trees Megan and Allysa were ready to teach us some Aussie Rules skills. “WOHOO” I shouted, a break from class.

What I experienced about the changeable weather in New Zealand is that there are four seasons in a day. At first it rains but then the unpredictable weather changes and it becomes sunny. I mean what a special country we live in, “RIGHT!”

Having to learn skills from Aussie rules is fun but already I know a few like,bouncing the ball, drop punt and more. The skill that we practiced was bouncing the AFL ball. We started off by bending our knees, then we stood up after we were walking and running.

Kicking Base ball is like normal Base ball but you have to kick it instead of bating it. With the instructions stuck in my brain I knew just how the game go’s. As you kick the ball and the fielders catches it then your out. I felt proud of my self because I kicked the ball and nobody caught it so I made a home run just like Base ball.

Even with the changeable weather, we still learnt skills from Aussie Rules.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu was the first global superstar in rugby. He debuted for the All blacks in 1994. Jonah played 63 games for the All Blacks. Jonah was an intimidating player. In 1995 Jonah Lomu had kidney problems.. In 2003 Jonah Lomu had dialysis. Jonah Lomu is 196cm tall. He played for the Hong Kong and wellington but then he said "I want to go play for the All Blacks again". He is a intimadating player and he impact on the game.


As we served the shuttle It was soaring in the air like a bird. It was fun and enjoyable. We hit the shuttle accurately. I did a powerful hit so I can go overhead. Even though I swung the racket heaps of times, I kept missing the shuttle. Thea and Me were working as a team. Donna teaches me how to whack it if it come and I got better and better. As soon I served it to Thea again she stopped it and tryed to serve the shuttle to me but she couldn't so she just threw it and we kept on going.

Moving on to the next task was four hand and back hand we had to do it by our self. How to do it is put your hand left and right and you keep on going. It was frustrating for me because I hand to do quick body movements.

After we played badminton soccer but first Donna teaches us how to play it. When we new how to play it we began the game. We always have to do it overhead but to serve we do underhand. The game was better then the first one. Thea and Me Had the same score by then she had four and I had three. Thea scored the fist one.