Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

Down on the field near the cold and windy trees Megan and Allysa were ready to teach us some Aussie Rules skills. “WOHOO” I shouted, a break from class.

What I experienced about the changeable weather in New Zealand is that there are four seasons in a day. At first it rains but then the unpredictable weather changes and it becomes sunny. I mean what a special country we live in, “RIGHT!”

Having to learn skills from Aussie rules is fun but already I know a few like,bouncing the ball, drop punt and more. The skill that we practiced was bouncing the AFL ball. We started off by bending our knees, then we stood up after we were walking and running.

Kicking Base ball is like normal Base ball but you have to kick it instead of bating it. With the instructions stuck in my brain I knew just how the game go’s. As you kick the ball and the fielders catches it then your out. I felt proud of my self because I kicked the ball and nobody caught it so I made a home run just like Base ball.

Even with the changeable weather, we still learnt skills from Aussie Rules.

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