Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New school in Australia

It has been 4 weeks since I've been attending a new school. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, i'm attending Narre Warren P-12 College. So far its got going as well as I thought it was, but I am learning heaps which is the important thing.

For the past 4 weeks that I have been showing up to the school, I've learnt heaps of thing in maths because we learn thing like college people and we rotate to other classes. But to be very honest I am not enjoying the school like I did in Pt England and Australia doesn't feel like home.


  1. We miss you and Pt England is not the same without all of your smiley (cheeky) faces.
    I do hope that you settle in well and get used to your new school. You will find lots of wonderful, interesting and happy new things to be excited about.
    Best wishes to the whole family. - Tell Maypo to write a blog post!

  2. Hey Iron,
    I so miss you! Remember the laughs we had together. It feels wired that you have gone but it is good to know that you are still blogging so we can stay updated with you! I hope you just enjoy and settle in well with your new school.Keep it up & best wishes to your family!

    From Quasia

  3. Hi Ms Talia,

    OMG you look like your going to be on a scene for Home And Away! We really really really miss you gurl ='( Man it's like not the same like it was last year! Also, come on Gmail man -.- Well we hope to see you soon and hope to see you on June ~.^

    Love you're Besties from NZ: Hannah, Jordenne, Sela, Asena, Jennifer, Mao, Ana, Janise, Josephine, Ata, Leila and Angelina =*

  4. Hello Iron

    My goodness you look so smart. I cant believe your in Australia. We all still talk about you all good stuff and the memories that we all have together. Well I gotta go now, You have fun in Australia, with your friends, with your family and your new church. Good Bye Love to you and your Family bye.


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