Monday, June 30, 2014

Sound animation

This term we have been focusing on sound and we had to create a animation. ENJOY!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Echolocation and the story about Ben Underwood

This week we were focusing on 'Echolocation' and also about Ben Underwood. Go through my presentation to find out whats its about and to find about Ben Underwood. Enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2014


Today we got introduced to BAR key (Bigger - Add - Replace). We've done two so far and this is the second. We had to draw a house and we also had to rotate clockwise 3 or 2 times to each computer and we had to make something bigger, add something to the house or replace something for another object.

Extension movie - Week 3 to 10

Last term we were focusing on our Visual mihi, Boer war and our Museum trip. this movie shows what we did from week 3 to week 10 in term 1! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Have you ever heard of a site that is for reading and maths? Well if you haven't, well there is a site called 'Studyladder' and you can do whatever sort of maths or reading you want. Some are really easy but then it becomes hard. You get different tasks every week or 2 and you can also make your own avatar and decorate your beautiful room! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Why is netball so popular?

Netball is a ball sport played with seven a side. Its similar as basketball but different, once you have the ball you have to hold it, but you can’t step otherwise its your opponent's ball and you have to defend them to get the ball back.

This ball sport is played on a rectangular court with 3 other rectangles in it. The rectangles near the end have a semi circle inside and thats where the goal shoot and goal attack shoot and its also for the goal defence and goal keep to defend them back.

There are seven positions a side and they are Centre, Goal keep, Goal defence, Goal attack, Goal shoot, Wing defence and Wing attack. Its first played off with centre and they either pass it to WD, or WA but they have to pass the ball in the same rectangle that centre is in.

Its popular because its just like basketball and its on the t.v. New Zealand has there own team and its Silver Ferns. They play netball but they have very long times than school aged children. There are a lot of supporters and Silver Ferns don’t only play in Auckland, they travel the world.

I hope you know more or you do know how to play netball now! But all together I will always support Silver Ferns!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Vocabulary Practice

 This presentation is about Vocabulary practice. It is for our reading group. We had to see what each word means and list or fine the definition of each word!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Teach at Tamaki - Hard Material

Having technology is amazing! Each week we go to Tamaki College to have tech. There are three subjects, hard material, food tech, and graphics. They're all fun but, the first technology the year 7’s (class 2, 4 and 1) had was hard material.

For each subject we get 13 weeks and one day a week. All classes that go on Thursdays have to walk. The things we do at hard material is to make a steal shape e.g a steal cross or bird.

First we had to fill out a form of what shape we wanted. We then had find some silhouet photos of what we wanted our necklace to be. Our tech group also had to write who it was for  e.g our mum/brother. I was about to make the necklace for my mum but I was making it for me.

As soon as we got the first part of our form done, we had to get a Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) to draw the picture of our final design. I chose a cross and it was suppose to be shaded, so we had to print our design and shade the back to draw onto the MDF.

Once its drawn on the MDF you have to write your name on top and then you cut it out with the scroll saw. It was quite hard cutting it cause my the picture of the cross that I drew on the Medium-density fibreboard had sharp corners. As soon as I finished cutting it out we had to get two thick MDF’s and tie it with a rubber band so Mr Grundy (Hard Material teacher) can put the melted pewter in.

It was done and then it dried up, so I took off the thick MDF’s and it was a nice cross shape. Once we took it out we had to file it until it gets smooth. I finished filling it and then we had to sandpaper it. Grits - 180, 400 and 1200 and you also have to sandpaper it hard to get a great finish.

As soon as all the sandpapering is finished, you have to water sandpaper is and then you have a great finish. Once the whole sandpapering is finished as well as the water sandpaper, you have to get it polished real good. Then you finished and you add a string through the hole and then you’ve got it all polished.

I enjoyed having  hard material with Mrs Grundy! Thank you the Mr Grundy for finishing my necklace for me and I hope you now know how to make a nice and polished necklace.

Friday, June 6, 2014

How to play rugby! (About Rugby)

How to play rugby!

Have you ever tried playing rugby, or even wanted to play rugby? When I was year 5 I started playing sports and rugby was the best sport so I went for it and I know how to play. So if you want to know, read my explanation and find out!

If your team has the ball you have to hold like its a treasure. You know you want to score a try or win for your team, so you have to dodge your opponents or at least run where there is space. You’ve got to control the ball, and run as fast as you can or us you skills and past the ball to your other team-mates.

Defending your team is very hard, so avoid the weak point and go for the difficult ones. You have to tackle hard and is they step you just keep on chasing because you might not know they will stop or you might catch up to them, so go for it!

For each team, there are suppose to be 15 people on each side, so that's 30 all together! 2 Props, 2 Rowers and Flankers, Centre, 2 Wings, Full - Back, 2 Locks, Half - Back, and Scrum half with number 8.

Now that you know everything about rugby, well at least the things I know, I hope you’ll know how to manage it when you try it out sometime! Its tiering and hurtful but your get use to it once you play one game, it will feel like a hiding!

Explanation - Smart footprint (Cyber Smart)

Smart footprint. What is it? Its not only about walking on the beach and leaving your footprint on the sand, it's also about what you do on the Internet! Its all about being cyber smart and thinking very smart!

Wherever you will be on the Internet it will leave your footprint, and also your name. Whether you are signed in or not, it will always leave your name because of what computer you're on or where you are! Its whatever site you go on.

If you're a child, your teachers can see what your on, like either a game, writing or doing your maths work they can all see what your upto on teachers dashboard. Not only your teachers see what you do at school, your parents also see what you do.

One amazing thing about the Internet is about sharing videos and photos online for everyone to see! They either respond or just watching and see. But whether its a smart or stupid photo, anyone around anywhere can see what you posted, just like this story.

Wherever you go online it shows what your on, so make sure you're on the right thing at the right time with the right attitude! Its going to show your name, so think positive!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to make my favourite meal (Pancakes)

What's your favourite meal and tell me why? Well mine is pancakes and I love making it! If you don’t know how to make pancakes, well this explanation of mine is based on how I make it!

First things first, you have to get all your things ready. The stuff to make it with and also all the ingredients. Of course water, flour and sugar for extra! You first have to get a bowl, either small or big, but I prefer big, and at least pour 2 to 3 cups of water into it!

As soon as you’ve poured all the water into the bowl, pour 2 cups or 2 1/2! You then mix it until it dissolves so it can be nice and soft in the pan! Just before pouring the mixed flour and water into the pan, spray the pan with a little bit of cooking oil.

Once you’ve got all your pancakes sorted, you finally have the chance to add sugar. You can add some sugar in with the flour if you want, but I always add it all after its done. There all done and now its time to eat!

I’ve hope you have enjoyed frying your pancakes and hopefully they taste delicious. Do you mind if I join to eat? Kidding!!!! By the way, care to join me next time to see what I have in mind and ready for you!!

Sound in Space

Sounds in Space

List 3 interesting facts that you learned from the article:
1. You can’t hear sound in space
2. When something vibrates, the air around it begins to vibrate.
3. Vibration travels through solid thing even air!

Why can’t we hear sound in space?
Because space is a place of silence and there is also no air and also nothing for the vibration to travel through!

How did NASA record the sounds of interstellar space?
The data was stored on an old-fashioned tape recorder

What does deep space sound like?
it’s like Dawn Chorus of birds singing in spring from super bass.

What does the plasma wave detector detect? How do they turn this into sound?
it senses waves of electrons. Play the data through a loudspeaker and listen!

About the Internet

Linking the World: The Internet

1. How does the internet work?
Cables, and wires

2. List 5 interesting facts that you have learned about how the internet is used:
(For example: 168 Million emails are sent all over the world every minute.)
1 ~ 600+ videos uploaded onto one video sharing site
2 ~ 11 000 000 conversations take place on instant messenger
3 ~ 70+ new websites created
4 ~ 1500 blogs posted
5 ~ 370 000+ minutes of voice call mode
All in sixty seconds (one minute)

3. Is there a cost to the internet? What are they and how do they impact us?
No and because its all for free!

4. When was the internet created? What was it’s main purpose at the time?
It was created in 1969! They developed the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), four large computers that could exchange information.

5. List 5 new words you have learned from this article.

How to post a piece of writing on your blog!

This presentation explains how to post a piece of writing on your blog! I hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Mum's and the Queen's Birthday!

June 2nd was the Queens Birthday, as well as my mums. It was yesterday and we celebrated it at my cousins house. We first made the cake and then made barbeque so we could wait for my mum to get there. My uncle then went and brought the candles and my mum got there.

We then did a prayer to bless our day, our food, and to thank the lord for bringing my mum into this world. My uncle then got the cake out of the fridge and we got ready for my mum to blow the candles. She turned 38 and we all sang the Happy Birthday song.

Our family got ready to eat. Our food was BBQ (sausages, steak, patty and other meat) and potato salad. I ate a lot and then my aunty (Ma’a) came around with the cake. It was delicious. As soon as we finished everything we all had a funny family talk.

I then wished my mum a very happy birthday! “Happy birthday, I hope you have enjoyed your birthday, I would like to thank you for bringing me up and into this world. I love you! “ I said to my mum and then we all had a good time together!

I enjoyed my mums birthday as well as the queens! It was fun and I hope you enjoyed the Queens birthday. By the way, I would like to wish a happy late birthday to the people that also had their birthday on June 2nd.

How to play Netball

How to play netball.

Do you know how to play netball? Well if you don’t this explanation is going to be based on how to play Netball. I hope you’ll learn how to play!

Netball is a sport. It is with a round ball and at least 7 people have to be on the court from each team and at least 2 subs. The positions are Centre, Goal attack, Goal shoot, Goal defence, Wing attack, Wing defence, and Goalkeeper.

Contact is when you hit your partner on any part of the body, but say when they have the ball and you hit them you have to stand down. You also have to be three feet from your partner to defend but if you are closer, its called an obstruction.

I am now going to tell you which partners are together. Goal keeps is with Goal shoot, Wing defence is with Wing attack, Goal defence and Goal attack are together, and also Centre and Centre!

Now that you've read my explanation, you’ll know what will happen, what to do, and where to stand. I hope you’ll play some day and you will enjoy it!