Wednesday, June 4, 2014

About the Internet

Linking the World: The Internet

1. How does the internet work?
Cables, and wires

2. List 5 interesting facts that you have learned about how the internet is used:
(For example: 168 Million emails are sent all over the world every minute.)
1 ~ 600+ videos uploaded onto one video sharing site
2 ~ 11 000 000 conversations take place on instant messenger
3 ~ 70+ new websites created
4 ~ 1500 blogs posted
5 ~ 370 000+ minutes of voice call mode
All in sixty seconds (one minute)

3. Is there a cost to the internet? What are they and how do they impact us?
No and because its all for free!

4. When was the internet created? What was it’s main purpose at the time?
It was created in 1969! They developed the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), four large computers that could exchange information.

5. List 5 new words you have learned from this article.

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