Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to play Netball

How to play netball.

Do you know how to play netball? Well if you don’t this explanation is going to be based on how to play Netball. I hope you’ll learn how to play!

Netball is a sport. It is with a round ball and at least 7 people have to be on the court from each team and at least 2 subs. The positions are Centre, Goal attack, Goal shoot, Goal defence, Wing attack, Wing defence, and Goalkeeper.

Contact is when you hit your partner on any part of the body, but say when they have the ball and you hit them you have to stand down. You also have to be three feet from your partner to defend but if you are closer, its called an obstruction.

I am now going to tell you which partners are together. Goal keeps is with Goal shoot, Wing defence is with Wing attack, Goal defence and Goal attack are together, and also Centre and Centre!

Now that you've read my explanation, you’ll know what will happen, what to do, and where to stand. I hope you’ll play some day and you will enjoy it!

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