Friday, June 6, 2014

Explanation - Smart footprint (Cyber Smart)

Smart footprint. What is it? Its not only about walking on the beach and leaving your footprint on the sand, it's also about what you do on the Internet! Its all about being cyber smart and thinking very smart!

Wherever you will be on the Internet it will leave your footprint, and also your name. Whether you are signed in or not, it will always leave your name because of what computer you're on or where you are! Its whatever site you go on.

If you're a child, your teachers can see what your on, like either a game, writing or doing your maths work they can all see what your upto on teachers dashboard. Not only your teachers see what you do at school, your parents also see what you do.

One amazing thing about the Internet is about sharing videos and photos online for everyone to see! They either respond or just watching and see. But whether its a smart or stupid photo, anyone around anywhere can see what you posted, just like this story.

Wherever you go online it shows what your on, so make sure you're on the right thing at the right time with the right attitude! Its going to show your name, so think positive!

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