Friday, May 31, 2013

Going to Wellington

At 4.00pm after school today we are leaving our house to the airport. We are going to go in a plane to Wellington. It will be fun because we get to watch some moveis/videos there on the back of random peoples chairs.

It will be so much fun once we just get to Wellington because my cousins in the Capital city have like heaps of stuff. They have video games, guitar and other stuff. I know because I've been at Wellington in there house.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coming from Australia

Yesterday my cousins and uncle (from Australia) came to New Zealand. They left to Australia last year and also the reason they are coming is because my cousin is going to be flower girl at a Wedding in Wellington. They came in Auckland because they wanted to go to Wellington at the same time as my family and I.

So we are going to see each other in Wellington tomorrow. I am going to be so excited and nervous because I am flower girl as well. But I am just going to let out the fear in me and be brave.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Confused explorer meets Stan Walker (Narative)

Dear Confused explorer,
You are invited to our party at Stan Walker’s house and be sure to invite your crazy friends. You will also meet him and he will sing, dance and do anything you say to do. It will be fun and exciting and he will blow your mind!!!

It will be in Australia and he will pay for your families, friends and neighbours flight and everything else you want (or need). The party won’t start till you come in. And it will begin in 5 days so please COME now with your friends, families or neighbours.

Be sure to come because we are really happy for you (confused explorer). You will be excited as well. It will be intertaining and maybe if you come then other famous people like Will.I.Am will come because they like your confuseness.

So you are invited and please please please come along with your friends, families and neighbours.   

From Asena and Iron

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our DLO 3 about Seals

Today we started doing our 3rd DLO (Digital Learning Object). It is now about seals because, we made 2 others and they were about Penguins and Whales. So this week we are going to do it and we ain't going to rush we are going to take it slow and easy. But today we just finished filming the start of the movie.

Happy Feet

So today we watched the full movie of Happy Feet 1 (not 2). It was amazing and also funny. My favourite part of the movie was when the "Amigo Penguins" came. They were funny! SO please watch  and enjoy!!:)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My favourite song

This is a very awesome song written by someone I do not know but I do know who sings it. It is Justin Timberlake and also he has a awesome voice like the song and the song is my favourite one ever. This is the best song ever. It is called "Mirrors" and I always love to sing it, play it, and sing it. So listen and enjoy as well:)

Slow Mo Guys

So I've been watching "The Slow Mo Guys" in the pass few weeks and I've decided to post this hilariousness and hurtful video. And please please watch because I'd love to see the look on your face (which I think you are going to laugh of something) but just please enjoy:)

Friday, May 24, 2013


This past week, Jordenne, Ana and I have been working on our second DLO. It is full of information about Whales. Enjoy:-)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


At 5.45pm we had dinner. It was yummy lasagna from the Pak'nsave, and they were in a big container. We didn't have to make it, bake it or even leave it but all we needed to do with the (yummy) lasagna was just to cook it! It was nice.

Then we ate Ice-cream for our desert. Yummy in my tummy!

Rocket Balloon


During school today, we had to investigate a rocket balloon. It is all about a balloon trying to make it go straight with a balloon (obviously), a straw, string and also a tape/sticker. Also we did this in extension after lunch time.

We knew how to do it because we've done this before (last year). But what we had to do was to investigate it. Like, how far can it go in how many seconds. Or if you change some objects like shorting the string it might go faster. So we started off with making all of our objects the same size and we came 3rd but then we changed some bits of it.

Our second go was to change bits of whatever we wanted to change so we change the straw length  We cut it shorter because our prediction was so our balloon would keep on going to the end and also come in 1st place but we came 2nd. We had so much fun but in fact we did 3 so I was hoping that we would win. Also we went 3 quarters far in 2.25 seconds.

So on our 3rd one we had to blow up the balloon attach it back to the straw and tape and then let it go to see how far it would go in how many seconds. And what we changed that time was the air. We added more air in the balloon because (our prediction) we thought it would keep on going till the end so what really happened was what we predicted. Our one went to the end in 3.27 seconds.

Then we finish and The Death Dyfyers group came 1st, we came 2nd and the Astros came 3rd, but at least we came a place, WOOOHOOO!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tests tomorrow

Tomorrow (which is Thursday) we are going to have tests. It is going to be about maths and we get plenty of time. We have to answer question but also tell how we solved it. And also it is a face to face talking and maths working.

I reckon it will be fun because I love maths better then reading but I still like reading. I think that maths is much easier than reading so I think I might get more questions right then less. So wish me a lot of luck and also get heaps on answers correct!!

Rugby trials

During lunch time at school, we had rugby trials. There we 12 of us and it is for the year 5 and 6 girls rugby team. There are meant to be 14 but we trialled and our couch has not picked the team yet. But 3 other girls and me were the only ones from last year that trialled this year. SO I hope I make it in and also we have trials tomorrow.

Huge tornado in Oklahoma

This is the tornado that happened in Oklahoma. It was thin but still was so powerful. A lot of people passed out and schools were so busted. It is now a mess in Oklahoma. Before the tornado it started out so windy. Then something fat popped out from the sky and it was puffy. They knew it was a tornado and they started running away and children from schools had huddled together. But it did not work, celling fell on them, doors keep opening and shutting and there were big bangs on the walls. By the way may GOD bless those people and keep them safe and also put back together there building! Also thanks Sela for the photo and thanks TV 3 for the report on the tornado!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 This is a presentation of whales. Our group (Keas) have read about it. So I have some information you might want to know all about whale. ENJOY!


Last night at 4.50 we meant to have netball, but it got cancelled. It was off because of the weather. The lightning struck, there were big storms and it was raining hard out. But if it was only raining we would of been playing!

On our next game, I just hope it does not rain, does not have lighting and also not have loud storms. I just want it to be sunny for our next game. Also hoping we are playing against Revelation.

My friends (Asena, Ata and Ofa) were so excited for our game because they were going to play and because they were subs for the full game last week. I was also excited because I was going to be in the game but not the whole one. I was going to be centre for the first time this year but yeah its all right and fear.

As soon as we got there it started raining hard and people started coming out of the gate. They came out and they were saying "the games are cancelled, the games are cancelled" so we knew and then we had to stay in the shelter. It was so cold and we had to wait there for how long.

We stayed in the shelter until we would get our uniform back so we can change. But Mrs Squires told us to get changed but we replied "but our coaches has our uniform" so we waited and waited. 10 minutes later they got here and we got changed.

When we finished changing we got out of the toilets and waited for our family to come. My Nana came and I never saw here (because it was crowded) but Meleane (my friend) told me so I went with her in the car and I was so so warm. But thank you LORD for this night any ways!!

Netball tonight

Tonight is going to be our netball game and I am so excited. I love netball but our first game we had was against Holly Cross and we WON!! So I hope we win this one tonight playing against Revelation. There school/club(s) name sounds hard but I am pretty sure we are going to win.

Our game starts at 4.50 and we are on court 1 like our first game. As soon as school finishes we go to the hall and Miss Va'afusuaga calls our name. So we have plenty of time to practise and practise so we win our second game.

My position was wing attack (WA), but our second game (which is tonight) my position is centre (C). Wish us luck!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Then and Now

This is me then and now. I look the same. So I was in
room 8 but now I am in room 17 and taller as well.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adelie Penguins

This is a Presentation that I made myself. It is about Adelie penguins.
It has almost a lot of info that you need to know so hope you ENJOY!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jordenne, Ana and Iron

Penguin DLO I, J, A
This is a short film that Jordenne, Ana and Me have put together. We started last week, hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


This Morning after morning tea we had a very special assembly. The back door was jam packed with a lot of media. There were very very huge tripods, lots of microphones and a large Camera. We knew it was a special person but not his/her name.

We all became silent as soon as Mr Burt came. He started talking and said "who knows Black Eyed Peas?" And we all put our hands up and started talking about Fergue and Will.I.Am. He is a songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, DJ, record producer, and philanthropist (love for humanity.) And Fergue is a songwriter, fashion designer, television host and actress. Our whole school including the Manaiakalani schools remained silent and Mr Burt said "guess who..........Will.I.Am." Then we were all excited but he was still on his way.

There were Hallenstein posts on the wall. It is because Hallenstein Brother are the ones who payed Will.I.Am to come to our school. Hallensteins payed him a lot like for his flight.
I was just sitting on the floor but I saw some people walking up onto the stage. It was the Kapa Haka group and they were going to do a performance. But before they did it, Patrick came in front of the stage and said a speech (Waiata). As soon as they finish Viv did a speech and introduced the Hip Hop.

The Manaiakalani schools even us were so exciting as soon as he came. Mr Burt introduced him to all of us and gave the mice to him so he can talk about his life. He said he was from Los Angeles and lived in a Government housing. His mum never had a job and he didn't know who his dad was.
Mr Will.I.Am came because he gave us a very special gift. It was a $100.000 card for our school. We were so surprised and had to share our gift and so excited! It is his donate to us and from his charity called I am angled and he is amazing and gifted!

Our koha (gift) back to him was a green stone and also a song. He loved it and also you could tell he did because he was singing along as well. 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


What I learnt today is that the deeper you go into the Antarctic ocean it gets warmer and warmer.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Core Sample (Cupcake)

This afternoon I have been learning how to take core sample. We took samples from a cupcake and guessed what the core was. In real life geologist take sample from underneath the land.