Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cleaning our house

Today is the day when we are cleaning our house. It is a bit messy but we still clean. We clean down stairs and up the stairs, it is my sisters and I cleaning!

My sisters and I have already finish cleaning down, but all we need to do now is just to clean our rooms. I love cleaning especially our house. Our last things we need to clean is one more room and our steps. Going to finish cleaning!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fiafia Samoan group

On April 18th is our school's 60th anniversary which we are celebrating with a fiafia night. It will be so awesome because we get to do our own dance, which I am nervous about, and watch others dance.

For each cultural group there is at least one item, some cultures have two e.g Samoan Junior and Samoan Senior Group. The group I am in is senior Samoan and I feel really nervous because there will be thousands of people. Our tutors are Timmy and Mrs Tele’a, they worked real hard. 

Our costume is a dress for the girls and a ie for the boys. They were made by our tutor Timmy and her mum, they must have taken a long time to make. It look really good but as soon as I wear it will be great.

We are doing a siva with a Samoan music called “Tausagi mai manu e” added with another song named “Sina oe." These 2 songs are old but we still use it. Samoan love it and I always listen to it because I'm a Samoan.

The night starts at 5 O’clock and at 5:30 our school sells dinner and our fiafia dances start at 7 O’clock. The Samoan dinner that they are selling is luau, taro, chicken but otherwise bring your own dinner to eat while watching. If you want dinner then come early at 5 O’clock.

There will be a lot of dances and you will probably get tired so have a long rest during the day. It will be a lovely night with food, music and dances to enjoy so please come along.