Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy Weekend

During the weekend, on Friday night, our church had a mothers day dance, just for the mothers. Some performed some dances, and one that really caught my eye was the Spanish dance. It was really funny, and there were also some moves that weren't even Spanish.

As soon as Friday night was over, it was Saturday morning of course. And for an early mothers day gift, I woke up early with my sister, and we cleaned the whole house, made breakfast, and washed the dished for my mum. She woke up in surprise. But as I was cleaning, I remembered that we were going to my cousins 1st birthday party.

It started at 4:00, so as soon as we were all ready to leave, we waited for my mum to get back, but then we left. When we got to the birthday party, we were one of the first ones there, so me and my siblings decided to go play on the slides, but the venue was at a place just like Chipmunks in New Zealand. We had so much fun, but as we heard we were about to do the prayer and eat, we quickly slid down the slide, and ran to the table. It was a really fun night!

It's was 11:00pm, and then we left the party, because we needed some rest for church the next morning, but as I woke up, I realised it was Sunday which was Mother's Day. I woke up, and then I got ready for church, and then I made breakfast for the family, but especially for the mothers. It was a interesting and busy morning, but we left to church with excitement.

As soon as we arrived at church, my mum and her sister in-law got a badge to stick on there tops. It was to show how they are greatful for them being mothers, and how mothers are greatful for there children. But church was starting and it was all about Mother's Day. The bishop was talking about his wife and all the other mothers, and he also said "Children will always love there mothers, and they are greatful for there mothers, but even thou they don't show it, when they say it, they really mean it" and it was actually true! Even thou I don't often say I love you to my mum, or I never show how much I love my mum, I really do, and I'm greatful for her in my life, because the greatest gift my mum could ever give me, was my siblings.

Once church finished, we departed to our Sunday school classes, and what I learnt from there was 'if you pray, you will find the answers to your questions in your prayer'. And the lesson teacher asked 'isn't it weird when you are going through a trial or a challenge and then when you open the bible/scripture, the verse your reading is related to the challenge your going through'? And everyone in my Sunday school class said yes.

Sunday school was over, and we left off to youth/young women's. It was only for young women from the age of 12 to 18. It's kind of the same thing as Sunday school, but it teaches more like lessons in life, and it helps you with what your going through in life. There are three groups in young women's and that is 'Beehives from 12 to 13', 'Mia Maids from 14 to 14' and last of all, 'Laurels from 17 to 18' and I'm in beehives.

What I learnt in my class for beehives was to also learn to appreciate your mother and father and the bible reads "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you" and this verse if found in 'Exodus 20:12'. It was a really persuasive lesson, but also very helpful. But the lesson was finishing up, so we were talking about other different subjects.

Sabbath day was over, and Monday it was, the 11th of May which is my one and only brothers birthday, his 6th birthday. But what he did to celebrate it was taking a cake to school, and sharing with his fellow prep class.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Young Women's Mormon Camp (LDS)

Today was the very last day of our young women's camp for church and it was AMAZING!!

The very first day was on Saturday and we al had to gather up in one chapel to mark our names off. As soon as the jerking was finished, off we went to our camping spot. It was quite far from our chapel, but lucky me I didn't have enough sleep so I slept in the car.

Once we got there I was really a cited but nervous as well because we had to go into seperate groups with other young women's from other wards. As we were waiting for the whole steak to get there, we all gathered around the camp fire. The whole steak then got there, the the leader then announced the teams. My nervousness was just starting to build even more but it's just how it works.

As soon as I heard my name get called out into the blue team, there I was, shaking with nervousness and excitement. All of the teams had to gather into there little colour groups so they can make a group name and chant for there teams, but as my team went in, I all judged them before even talking to them. Like a saying "Never judge a book by its cover" but what did I do, I judged them before getting to know them.

I thought they were all the quiet ones and that they would leave me out of activities, but the whole point the the camp was to meet new people and bond with them. And also to learn new things about the gospel and how our activities were a relation to the gospel.

Later on that very day which was Saturday, my blue team started to talk a bit more which meant we were contributing in our activities, and our very first one was archery. And in relation to that and the gospel is how one of us help eachother because our team have never done it before and that was the fire time. But what the gospel does is help us as well, it helps us choose the right path.

Once archery was all done, we done some fore activities like under and over with water but the whole point of that one was to work together as a team, and that was also one of the purposes of going to camp. And in relation from that activity to be gospel was that the gospel is like a team that is helping you do stuff.

The day was over and it became dark so off we were to eat dinner. It was the first night so our ward was to serve dinner and we made, meatballs, vegetable salad and patato salad. We made that because it healthy and the meatballs was just a little special one.

Dinner was served and we were happy to see all the happy faces that the young women's had on there faces when they were eating the dinner our ward made. They were happy about the type of food we made. Yes I had doubts about it but once I tasted it, it was just delicious!

Our very first day of camp was over and off we were into the shed to watch a movie which was 'Brave'. To me the whole moral of the movie was to be proud of what you do but to always respect your parents at the same time. The fifth commandment is "To always obey thy father and thy mother". So you should respect them and also the commandment.

Brave was finished and we had to remain seated. Why? Because we had to listen to the president of the steak. He said that we had to go into our colour groups that we were put in so we can do devotional. Devotional is when you gather and do a prayer and then read a scripture and talk about what it means, and you also have to say what you enjoyed and what you learnt.

Colour group devotional was finished so then we had to go and do a ward devotional in our tents.
 was a pretty long devotional but I enjoyed because I was funny and also emotional because we played a little game of confessions, yet we aren't allowed to tell anyone, because we swore we wouldn't.

Saturday passed by and it was sabbath day which is Sunday. We got changed into our church clothes and we had to walk because it was an outside chapel. As soon as we got there, church started and all the other wards bishops were talking and all the stories they were talking about was on point. But the one I liked the most was our wards bishop.

Our bishop was talking about friends. Which friend we should choose and which ones we shouldn't. He was talking about because friends can sometimes be a very bad influence on you and can also be a temptation, as in -
- Drinking
- Smoking
- Taking other drugs
- doing stupid dares
And all of those temptations can affect your body which is like a temple and that you should treat it like one.

Church was finished and back we went to our camping side. We only had a ten minute break and the. We were back to do workshop which is part of Sunday and also on that very day we were fasting. We were fasting for a very special cause and it was for the missionaries that are doing there mission and also to feel what others feel like when they are hungry.

When our first few workshops were done, we got a hour break so our team decided to gather and talk about what we've learnt so far. We all said things like choosing the right things, how to bond with your team and how you can make friends easily.

That hour passed by and off we were for more workshops and they were somethin to teach us as well. One was about social media and how that is temptation as well, another was about integrity and what it means, the third one was how to help other people when they feel down, the second to last one was about virtue and how it is the highest value. Last but not least, it was about your choices and responsibilities.

That very day our workshops were over and so was the fast. We decided to eat lunch which was a little meal to congratulate us for managing to complete the fast. Lunch was over so we had a fire side which is a gathering/meeting.

Fire side was for one and a half hour and yes, some people sang. They all had amazing talents and also had amazing testimonies that has touched my heart. As they were talking, some of them cried which meant that they really love the camp so far and that they learnt so much.

As our gathering was slowly ending we were getting ready to sleep but as soon as it finished everyone ran to there tents and set up there beds. The night was slowly going by and I was great full for that because so far I was enjoying every little bit we had.

It was very early when we woke up because we had to do a team devotional because we didn't do it at night. This time our devotional was to bare a testimony which I didn't know how to do till I heard a lot of people from our ward do it. It was fun and I enjoyed doing it for the first time.

On that day which was Monday, we got told that we were going to get muddy so I put on my shorts and other dirty clothes. This was the very day that our colour team really bonded as sisters and we  kgot to know eachother way better than the first day. Why? Because it was obstacle day and getting muddy day as well.

Why did we have to get muddy? Well because it a relation to the gospel. It's about sticking together and doing it as a team. If one gets muddy then the rest gets muddy, if one gets wet then the rest get wet, why? Because we are all sisters and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

Our whole blue team got muddy because I went in and I really wanted to take the risk of getting muddy because we had to do it as a team. As soon as getting wet and muddy was other, we had to climb walls, crawl the dirt, balance on wood and work as a team to complete it as a team.

As soon as getting smelly on that day everyone was complaining because they wanted a shower but we were still patient. They said when we finish showering we eat lunch and then practice the chant and dance or act for the talent show. But I did not want to eat so I just had a little rest before practice.

At practice our team was participating really well because we had to come up with ideas for talent show and BOOM, there it was, a dance to Beyonces song 'Move your body'. It's a pretty good song for exsercising so we all agreed to do it.

"Half an hour before talent show" said the leader and we kept practicing real hard and we were to dance like no one is watching, so we did and we tried our hardest. Time went by and it began. All the other colours went first and apparently orange copied us but it was fine because I think they are the reason why we made ours better.

We only had 2 minutes to come up with a better idea than the patia thing so we put in the pukana. It looked really AMAZING! Well at least I thought it looked good. Once the whole talent show was over we decided to do our last devotional for young women's camp. We were to say what we really enjoyed overall about the camp and we had to do our testimony.

When devotional started and we all had to say something about camp on girl cried because she already missed camp, so then I cried because I'm an easy cryer. I also cried because I really miss it already as well and I miss our team. But after sharing our testimony I decided to go hang out with one of my team members which is Resaline and she was probably the very best team member ever.

As I was crying she cried as well because I was crying but when we hugged we cried even more so we decided to go introduce our selves to each of our wards. Later on that night it was very early in the morning like past 1 am and we were still awake because Resaline and I did not want to cry ourselves to sleep.

Resalina is a year nine and she is full Tongan. We were just staying with eachother the whole night because we were to sobby to sleep. So we just hung for the whole night till we were tired enough to go to sleep.

The night was over and light came out again which obviously meant it was morning time.mwe had to wake up early because it was the day to pack our stuff in to the van and that day was today. Firstly we had to wake up at six so we can have a testimony meeting but I didn't have anything warm, so Resaline came and sat I front of me and gave me her jacket because she saw me shivering in cold.

Testimony meeting was about to end but Resaline went to do her testimony but she did a shout out for be. It was quite sad because we got really close in those past few days of camp. Yes it was really easy to say "hello" but it's extremely hard to say "goodbye". So I decided not to say goodbye, I said "see you later".

So camp had a really amazing purpose, it was to meet new people, bond with new people, relating the activities to the gospel and having fun. I enjoyed it because I got to meet new people and I and going to see them sooner or later, I also enjoyed it because I learnt a lot more about the Mormon church and how it rolls.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Parent Teacher Interview

Today our very own parent teacher interview and it went well!

As soon as all my other siblings finished their interview with their teachers I was very excited for mine. I had at least five interviews today with five different teacher and the subjects were food tech, P.E, home group, cultural studies and English.

At first I went to my home group teacher (Mr Smale) and all he said was positive things and how I know how to use computers. When I was done with Mr Smale, I carried on to my cultural studies teacher Mr Lake. He was talking about the two test I did for Indonesia and how well I did for it, but as soon as that interview finished, I went to my food tech teacher named Mrs Nixon. She said " you are very brave for leaving your home country and for leaving your family in New Zealand." As well as that, she said that I cook very well and I behave sensibly.

So far I was feeling very proud of myself but I wasn't quite sure that I was doing well in English but there was only one way to find out, go and talk to my English teacher. so I walked with my mum over to my English teacher and she seemed happy to see me so I was getting the feeling that it was going to be positive. Miss Mason said I am doing very well in English and my attitude is well behaved, so I felt more proud of myself! But there was only one more interview left, physical education (P.E).

My P.E teachers name is Miss Lockhart and she looked very proud of me. She said very positive things like how well I do in P.E and also how I was best player at our volley game. So at that very time I could never be proud of myself this week!! 😁😉

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New school in Australia

It has been 4 weeks since I've been attending a new school. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, i'm attending Narre Warren P-12 College. So far its got going as well as I thought it was, but I am learning heaps which is the important thing.

For the past 4 weeks that I have been showing up to the school, I've learnt heaps of thing in maths because we learn thing like college people and we rotate to other classes. But to be very honest I am not enjoying the school like I did in Pt England and Australia doesn't feel like home.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Birthday

January 9 of 2015 was my very first birthday in Australia. It was quite a busy day but to start the day of properly, I did a prayer and blessed my family and I. I then got ready to go shopping for my birthday and It was packed. My mum, aunt and I went to Aldi, a shopping place that is only in Australia. As soon as we left Aldi, we went to the Cheese Cake shop to buy my cake.

We wanted to be quick so we went to a clothing shop to buy some clothes. It was a long shop, but when we finished we finally got the cake and it looked BEAUTIFUL! So we finally finished all of the shopping we needed and then went home. I celebrated my birthday with my mums sister in laws family.. It didn't feel normal because I usually celebrate it with my mums family but I still enjoyed.

I blew my candles out and once again, the Birthday song. It was loud and clear. Once the song was done, we blessed the food and ate it. It was delicious because the one most food I wanted was prawns and it was there. I enjoyed my birthday!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

First Christmas in Australia

A few days ago was the 25th of December which was Christmas/The Lords birthday. Just 5 day before that, we planned what to do for Christmas, so we decided to go the the beach.

As soon as we got out of bed we had to get ready straight away because we didn't want everyone else taking up the space on the beach. Going to the beach was a 1 hr drive, but it was worth the wait because as soon as we got there, we were the only family there. The beach was really big and not deep at all.

The kids were already swimming when we got there and my siblings and I were playing with the sand. My older sibling and I dug my other sisters in the sand and they looked very short. When they came out they we all cover with sand, so I suggested that we'd swim! But just before we swam, we put heaps of sunblock on.

We then all entered the beach and it was freezing cold but I got use to it so we played some handstand competitions. I got out and we got some more sunblock, so then we got back in and started chucking sand.

It was a fun Christmas and I enjoyed it! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Uncles deaths

Just yesterday my uncles pasted away and I would like to say R.I.P! My uncle was a very special man and I was special enough to be his niece! He was a man that would always like to help people out and likes giving without receiving.

My uncle a a member of my dads family, and as soon as we knew he was sick from cancer, we visited him every single day! We tried our best to make him fight for cancer but he is in a better place now! Rest in Peace Uncle!