Friday, February 28, 2014

What does Waitagi mean to us

In the past week my friends and I created a Waitagi movie for the school. It was
to show what does Waitagi mean to me. I really hope you enjoy!!

Thank you Letter

Dear Parents,

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! Without your help we wouldn’t of gone to the picnic. Especially for taking your time off work and coming to help. You were great. You looked out for us and you were there for us. You didn’t just look out for us, you also made us laugh and offered us stuff.

We first had assembly just to start things off then the house colours had to shout their chant. Waiting for Te Arawa to get on the stage, I was getting my voice ready. “Te Arawa” Miss Va’afusuaga shouted so up we went. Our chant was about 2 minutes and my friends were saying we were awesome. We then went off the stage and Mr Burt was off and in front was the Senior to the Juniors.

As soon as we finished having something to eat, we got ready to play volley. We enjoyed it. Especially when you helped us.

You were the best helper and the only helper that has stayed with us, talked with us, looked after our bags and made us laugh. Senio, you are amazing :D THANK YOU so much because we wouldn't of been at the picnic.

Kind Regards


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is a netbook and how is it used?

Do you know what a netbook? Well you may of seen it or touched it but here is an example of what it is. This is a type of learning tool for kids to use. It is electronic and it is a mini laptop or/and computer. It looks more like a laptop but grey or black.

There are parts of this device and its heaps to tell. This netbook has a screen(obviously) and it has a port for stuff to get in it, there are built in speakers and a keypad or you can stick a mouse in it. There are lots of parts. It has a keyboard just like a computer/laptop.

It works just perfect. It works by its hinges, because if the hinges weren't connected from the screen to the keyboard we wouldn't of been able to see or type.

Friday, February 14, 2014


As soon as the conch shell was blown, out came four Samoan ladies. "Chooooooohoooooo" shouted Miss Muliaumaseali'i and the Samoan dance started. At first it was pretty slow and it became faster and faster as the song went. They were pretty good. The Samoan dance was over and Gloria ran on the stage with a microphone.

"When did you start dancing?” Gloria interrupted. “Well I was about your age or younger like 2, 3, 4 or 5” Natalie explained. “Can you show us some moves” asked Gloria politely. So Natalie gave us some instructions of some moves they did.

It was the se’e (Glide/Slide) and the Fa'ataupati (Slapping). She then asked another one of the dancers to show us the moves and then up came Mr J and copied. They were amazing, even Mr J and we then gave them a big round of applause and off they went.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy Recount

Walking to the hall ready for the Duffy show I was really excited. We got there and waited for a while until Duffy came and started reading a book. As he read each word I was getting more and more interested. He then stopped and looked. “OHH Hey guys” Duffy said. So we replied “Hi” and they carried on.

Duffy had a cape and a crown on. He then took it off and in walked Uncle Bingo, and Rosey. Rosey and Duffy were just talking about bingo and his commercials. It was about him playing rugby, having his own cereal, and more interesting facts.

Bingo was then on the phone talking to Jason Derulo but Rosey and The King of Books (Duffy) asked Uncle Bingo if he likes to read books. “No I don’t do books” Bingo said but Rosey had wrapped up a book for Bingo. It was her favourite book until Bingo said he doesn’t do books. But while they were doing that part of the show I started to talk and  played with this gooey stuff in my pocket that I got from Hannah.

Rose and Duffy had an idea, it was to create the very best book. It was about objects, but we had to make the sound of them. By this time I was getting a bit bored. There were loads of sounds and then they got uncle Bingo to open the book and out came some toys on a spider web. They were all the objects that we were talking about and it got stuck around them. We had to make the sound to untangle it from them, but I didn’t want to say anything.

As soon as they finished untangling them, Bingo then left for his flight to Sydney (It was part of the show). They we talking and talking and then Bingo went in the plane and off he went. He was there ready for his Grand Final for the rugby. When he was getting ready I started to get more and more interested and started watching and stopped playing with the gooey stuff in my pocket. Before Bingo had his final he read the book that Rose gave him. It was about ballerinas. He read and read and he liked the book but had to rush to his rugby.

He was running and running and Rosey along with duffy were watching him, Bingo was going for the try and he did some belarina moves. Duffy and Rose saw him and knew he read the book that rose gave him and they were happy because he read. Even though the show was boring in the beginning and I didn’t find the songs interesting- It was amazing in the end.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 3Ps

The Treaty of Waitangi is about the 3Ps, Protection, Partnership and Participation. Its to take care, Being a good role model/team leader and joining in.

What does protection mean? Well, it means taking care of one another and defending for others. It is also taking care of your community and being cyber smart. Protection for example if one of my friends would of got hurt I would of stopped it or defend. Or...if my netbook would of got broken or my bag or any of my stuff I would of taken care of it so it wouldn’t get broken or/and taking care of the little kids by being a good role model.

Partnership. The meaning of this word is being a awesome team leader/member. As well as working together like a community and helping one another. It is all about teamwork. As an example i’d say if someone was working by them self and there were no friends helping you should go and be a great leader and help out.

Do you know what Participation is? If you don’t I’ll tell you. It means giving it a go or volunteering. For example if I had to participate in sports, I would give it a try and try to get in. By doing that I have to do my best. People are just too scared but, just give it your best to get in or participate.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday Highlight

The holidays just started and it was already awesome. It was the first day and that was my highlight because we went to where I really wanted to go. It was the movies. We went to to watch Frozen. my whole family went along. The movie “Frozen” is about 2 princesses and also a snowman, and some characters were from other movies. One was probably the main Tangled character which was the princess (The daughter of the King).

As soon as that movie finished we left and went for a feed. We first bought some takeaway before leaving. “Yay we are home to eat” I said, so my mum put the food on the table ready to eat. “Let us pray” my grandpa said while bowing his head and closing his eyes. he then said a long prayer and we then dug into the yummy food.

“This is delicious” my sister said while holding up the fork ready to put the food in her mouth. We were eating and eating for long and then we finally finished and we waited for a while. I was just about to grab my towel ready to go for a shower but luckily my uncle shouted at me to not because we were off to the beach.

I had my towel on my shoulder but I had to pack so I quickly ran to my room and packed. I was excited so I then ran to our car. We got there and there I was speeding to the toilets to get changed. “Ready” I shouted and then my sisters and I had a race to see who was first to swim.

I tried so hard but my older sister had beaten Zion and I because she had water shoes on and my feet were burning and it was sore from the shells. My whole family then came running/jogging just for a swim because that very day was so hot. My family and I stayed there until dark and then we left the beach. We all went to play in the hose to wash the sand off and then we all went for a shower. We enjoyed our day, thanks to my Uncle.