Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 3Ps

The Treaty of Waitangi is about the 3Ps, Protection, Partnership and Participation. Its to take care, Being a good role model/team leader and joining in.

What does protection mean? Well, it means taking care of one another and defending for others. It is also taking care of your community and being cyber smart. Protection for example if one of my friends would of got hurt I would of stopped it or defend. Or...if my netbook would of got broken or my bag or any of my stuff I would of taken care of it so it wouldn’t get broken or/and taking care of the little kids by being a good role model.

Partnership. The meaning of this word is being a awesome team leader/member. As well as working together like a community and helping one another. It is all about teamwork. As an example i’d say if someone was working by them self and there were no friends helping you should go and be a great leader and help out.

Do you know what Participation is? If you don’t I’ll tell you. It means giving it a go or volunteering. For example if I had to participate in sports, I would give it a try and try to get in. By doing that I have to do my best. People are just too scared but, just give it your best to get in or participate.

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