Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you Letter

Dear Parents,

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! Without your help we wouldn’t of gone to the picnic. Especially for taking your time off work and coming to help. You were great. You looked out for us and you were there for us. You didn’t just look out for us, you also made us laugh and offered us stuff.

We first had assembly just to start things off then the house colours had to shout their chant. Waiting for Te Arawa to get on the stage, I was getting my voice ready. “Te Arawa” Miss Va’afusuaga shouted so up we went. Our chant was about 2 minutes and my friends were saying we were awesome. We then went off the stage and Mr Burt was off and in front was the Senior to the Juniors.

As soon as we finished having something to eat, we got ready to play volley. We enjoyed it. Especially when you helped us.

You were the best helper and the only helper that has stayed with us, talked with us, looked after our bags and made us laugh. Senio, you are amazing :D THANK YOU so much because we wouldn't of been at the picnic.

Kind Regards


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