Friday, September 28, 2012

Holidays going to Wellington

In this two week holiday I am going to Wellington. I am going in the second week. We are leaving on Monday or Tuesday and coming back on Saturday because on Sunday we have White Sunday.

I am going because I want to have a little fun week with my cousins, aunty and uncle that are going to leave us and going to Australia. They are coming back in ten years. One cousin of mine is living with us and he is the one that is leaving! Awwwwwww

I hope they stay safe!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My cousins birthday!

On Saturday we celebrated my little cousins birthday. I felt so excited because I wanted to eat cake. In a loud voice I shouted "WOW" as soon as I saw the big beutiful cake.

My cousin is a girl and she turned 3 on Saturday. As soon as she blew her candles that were on the cake, she started to clap and we sang the happy birthday song in english and samoan. It was time for us to cheer and we said "hip hip horray, hip hip horray, hip hip horray."

We ate the cake after we cheered and we said in samoan "Manuia" which is "Take care". We started to eat and when we all took first bite, our faces looked so so suprised because of the prettyness, awesomeness and tasteness of the cake! We were happy that we got to go to her birthday.

My favourite part of my cousins birthday was eating the TASTFULL cake!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes-(Let's Cook With Parmco)

In Extension we joined a competition for "Let's cook with parmco" so we started by cooking and it was last week. Last week on thursday we made some thai fish cakes. We had to know how to make it.

It was a very hard job to cook these yummy fish cakes. In my team we had Gloria, Kaycee, Sela, Tyla-Marie, Jouan and me.

What I done was turning the fish cakes that were on the frying pan.

At the end we all decorated the plate with fish cakes and veges. As soon as we ate it we had a big surprise on our faces and it tasted so so nice.

This task of cooking the thai fish cakes was a little bit hard. But what was difficult was flipping the fish cakes when it was in the pan. It was difficult because the hot water was spitting out and coming on us and burning our face.

My favourite part of our process was eating the fish cakes. Why? Because I really did like the tast of it and because I really liked eating the spicy curry.

Hmmmmmmm would I make this for my family??? I think I might but maybe not but I wish I did. 

I really hope we win!!!
Please vote for us!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Netball Prize giving

At netball prize giving we walked into the hall and sat in a straight line. As we sat down, people started to talk and we were ready to listen! It was year 1 to 5. It was long to wait for our turn because we new we were going to be the last one's to go up.

“Year 5 section 1, Pt England” shouted a lady! Up we went trying not to be embarrassed. As soon as we went on the stage, we all got a medal and a photograph in front of us was taking pictures. During the time we came off the stage, we all had to go take a picture with our medals.

By the time we finished taking a picture we saw a teammate of our netball team. She was late. I called “Come Hannah” but she did not, but she got a medal. Lucky she still came because she still got a medal.

As soon as our prize giving was finished, we all stood up and heaps of people were taking photo’s. Hannah’s mum really wanted a photo of us so she said “you girls make a Nice photos with your medals and the other photo with heaps of poses and silly face”, so then we did.

My favourite part of prize giving was going on the stage and taking photos and getting medals. “It feels so nice having a medal put around my neck” I said quietly to myself. We are so happy that we are the BEST year 5 team in Auckland! YAY!

It was really fun at prize giving!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Practices re crafting Aldora's paragraph.

Aldora’s Cross Country Recount
Today we practices refracting a piece of writing. The first paragraph belongs to Aldora and the second is mine.

“On your marks, get set, “Bang” shouted Mr Burt. Off we went trying hard not to bang into each other. I was already muddy. Luckily I didn’t slip like some other girls did at the start line.

“On your marks, get set!’’ Bang! off we went, trying hard not to  bump into each other. Mud was everywhere, all over my face and covering my shoes. Watching my friends fall over, I was laughing very loud!