Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visiting my mums work

Finally got an opportunity to visit my mums work and it was amazing. It is quite a small building but a lot of people go there. Are you wondering where she works? Well she works at delite Nutrition. They give out Aloe, Tea and Shake.

For the first time is you drink all three it is $4 but the 2nd time and on it is $8. The Aloe drink is just like water but it doesn't taste like it. It is to clean your system. Also the Tea is for fat burning (taking away the fat) and last but not least the Shake. It makes you lose weight and it is Nutrient packed. I enjoyed visiting her work because we got to drink all of those 3 things.

It is yuck but it helps you a lot.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ana's Birthday

Just checked my mail and it said a reminder it was Ana's birthday so I'd like to say a very HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Ana. May god be with you and bless you. Also may many mores years come for you and onwards. I hope you will enjoy this day for you and your family!! :) <3

New Songs

It is the 14th of Jan and of the whole year and there are loads of new songs. Some are not quite new but they are still top. They are amazing songs. I can't give them away but it is because they are too amazing. I really can't wait to hear more and more new songs!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Going to the pools with the Friends

I heard a knock and I ran so fast to the door. I then opened it and there was no one until two friends of mine popped out of the side and shouted "HI" I was surprised  It was Hannah and Josephine. They had come to ask me if I was allowed to go to the pools. I quickly ran up stairs and asked my mum and she said yes so I quickly packed my stuff and ran to them. They were so patient.

We were walking and thought we should go straight to the pools but instead we went and brought some food and drinks first and we then rushed to YMCA. I really couldn't wait but on the way we were just talking about our holidays. My friends and I finally got to the pools and we asked if we could go in and we then went and got changed.

C'mon guys lets go now I am really hot and I wanna swim so we went in the pool and it was so cold I was shivering. It was 11:00 and we planned to stay there until 4:00.......I said well why shouldn't we play Chinese whisper under water so we did and it was pretty fun. After a time of that game we had some silent time by our selves.

"It is too silent" I said so we then played some handstand competition and we were there for a long time and we really enjoyed it!! Thank you to Hannah and Josephine!!