Thursday, December 26, 2013


"Hurry we are going to be late" I said to my mum so my siblings rushed in the car and we then waited for 5 minutes for our mum to get in. We left at 5:00 because we had to go to a Christmas eve thing with all the other priests because my grandpa is our priest. What we do there is some praying and other church things along with dances and songs we learnt for Christmas.

One other priest was doing the church things with the prayers and it was for one our long and then it came to the dancing and singing. This was also part of church. First was the other people and then two other groups and then it was finally us. I was getting nervous but I stood up and did it.

We first had to start from the middle and walk to the front. There were heaps of people. My church got up there and we got into our position for the act. The kids which were the angels stood on the edge of the room. While the others were doing there speeches we were getting ready to get up there.

There were heaps of angels and once we said it we moved back to our spot and took of the wings. Our act was finished and we then sang a song. It was 3 versus and it was very long. As soon as we finished doing the song we got into out positions for our dance. It was the three songs mashed up. (If you read my other blogpost you can see the songs but I'll just say it) We had to sing it which was Joy to the World, Long time ago and Feliz Navidad.

It was fun. I really liked how we were dancing and not meaning to brag but I think we were the best or we just had an awesome item. All the churches finished there items and we then sat back down. The clock was ticking to 12:00am and I really wanted to be the first one to say Merry Christmas. A minute after it was 12:00 and I said it. I was first. It then finished and we then ate. The food was nice.

Everything was finished for the night/morning and we left home. Before my brother, sisters and mum went home, we went around and looked at some house with lights. They looked AMAZING. There was this one house that had Santa and its elves and reindeer with a Christmas tree.

We finished looking around and then we got home. I stayed awake until 4:00 and then I slept. I was really tired. It was 8:00 in the morning and it was raining. "This is quite a poor weather for Christmas and Mu's (my cousin) Birthday" I said. But we still made our plans and went to Ambury farm because the weather was becoming better and better.

Going to Ambury farm was cool to celebrate a birthday and Christmas. This was probably the 3rd best Christmas because my whole family wasn't here but we enjoyed it. We never got a present but this day  is not about getting a present or any other it is about having fun and celebrating this day with the family.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and if you got a present cherish it. Enjoyed you holiday!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Big Feed after Church/Cousin's Birthday

As soon as church finished we rushed home to get the table set for the cake and the food ready to eat. The food was BBQ, fried rice and takeaway. It looked delicious ....but before we had to eat my cousin (Jay) had to blow his candles so we rushed to the front with the lighter and lit it up. He blew it and we clapped and we then sang the Happy Birthday song in English and in Samoan.

When we finished doing that we had all the food set up and we began our big feed. It was delicious!! I enjoyed yesterdays Sunday!! Thank God for Sunday!! :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Making Christmas videos with my sister

While my sister was taking photo's of her self on my camera I said "why can't we make Christmas Videos" "Sure" she replied. So we first started of by doing it to my nan and grandpa and then we went on with our uncle and aunty and my other one ect....

We were saying all sorts of things to make them emotional and laugh. We also danced to it and other videos we let my other sisters do it. It was fun because we did it all day and then I got time to do this blogpost but then we have more to do like for my mum and dad.....Can't wait for that one!! Enjoy the holidays and you Christmas!!

Getting ready for Christmas by practising

"Kope omai i'i" translation "Hurry come here" my grandpa said to us while scratching his hand. "OKAY OKAY we'll be there" I replied while running as fast as I can. "Now have you learnt your speech" My nan asked but while she asked us we were saying it so it was quite obvious we knew it.

It is one paraghraph but we learnt it in two days and we know it. We started from the beggining to the end. As soon as we finished practicing our speeches we practised our dance!! The music is jammed together....It is a Samoan X-mas song and then it is Long time ago in Bethlehem added with the last song which is Feliz Na Vi Dad!! We mashed it up and we got some awesome actions (NOT BRAGGING.)

We finished all our dancing and speeches we then left the room in Otara and went back home!! I enjoyed this day :)!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Having fun going YMCA pools with the friends

School was over for this year and my friends and I planned something on Monday. We were going to the pools. So the bell rang and some of us at school were crying because it was there last day or because they would of missed people. It was quite sad...I was crying as well. But we got to celebrate this sad moment by going to the pools.

We walked straight down to the pools and we then entered the door and off running Mao and Hannah to get changed. I was just sitting on the chair because I forgot my togs. Then more of my friends Josephine, Sela and Jordenne came. Sela and Josephine got changed and then me and Jordenne were just eating thins/biscuit!!

Two hours later my friends that were swimming got out of the pool, dried them self and we then left. We started walking down to the Pt. England shop to buy some hot chips and we bought it just for us and I bought it and I added some tartea source.

It was ready and then my friends and I walked down to Four Swings and we ate there. As soon as we finished eating we waited for three minutes and then we played. Four of my friends went and played on the swings and only me and Hannah played chucks with the tennis ball. It was pretty fun and then we walked home. I enjoyed that day with my friends!! I miss them and hope to see all of them next year!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Reflection

It has been so tough this year with all the learning and practising. It was quite fun learning from teachers like how to impact my writing so the audience can enjoy it and keep on reading until the end. I learnt that from Mr Somerville.I have also learnt more shapes because I only used to know a few but more this time and I learnt it from Mr Marks.

Did you know not only other people can teach you, you can teach yourself and I taught myself how to encourage people to do what they are scared to do. Even more. My friends taught me thing as well, so it isn’t only the teacher that has been teaching people. It is also some friends and my friend taught me how to help others when they are feeling down.

Not finished. I have also learnt how to use more manners from my aunty! They taught me that because I was using bad words. The manners they taught me was to not be racist, learn better words than bad words and also be kind to each other.

Not only my friends taught me, I also taught them something as well. I taught some of them how to make their animations more interesting in adding more pictures and making it look real by moving the object a tiny bit.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stop, Think and Do movie

This is a movie of Stop, This annnnnnnd Do that my friends and I made. It is a movie
for Mr. Burt because he wanted to show it on Friday! ENJOY...=)

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to make milk

This is a movie of how to make milk and how to get it to its place where
they sell it!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Having fun is the sun at Cornwall Park

"Can we go to Cornwall park, all of our family is going" I moaned to my mum. "Okay okay we'll go just to stop you guys from begging and moaning" My mum replied. So we waited for 12:00 O'clock to come.  1hr later we left to Cornwall park and we saw all of our family. They came with some balls to play with and also food!! We came with food as well and only one ball.

We started the games but first we put up the volley net so we can play volley. Then my aunty grabbed the rugby ball so we can play some kicks. I first played volley and our team was winning but then I left to play kicks with my aunty and my sister. We were kicking and kicking and then the ball hit Zion's head. We were all laughing but then we still carried on with our games. 

Then the children left the volley and kicking game and went to play our own game. It is a Samoan game called Lape. It is like baseball but you hit the ball with your hand and the ball is a volleyball!! We run to 4 bases thou and then it includes the last one witch is 5. If we get hit by the ball we are out, but I was captain and if I got hit the whole team would've been out but if only one person is out then I have to try and get them back in by running all the way round to the last base!! It was enjoyable.

I loved that Saturday. We were playing and playing until the rain came and we had to go back home!! But we enjoyed that day because we won Lape and my favourite bit was when my uncle was chasing me to try and tag me with the ball!