Friday, December 20, 2013

Having fun going YMCA pools with the friends

School was over for this year and my friends and I planned something on Monday. We were going to the pools. So the bell rang and some of us at school were crying because it was there last day or because they would of missed people. It was quite sad...I was crying as well. But we got to celebrate this sad moment by going to the pools.

We walked straight down to the pools and we then entered the door and off running Mao and Hannah to get changed. I was just sitting on the chair because I forgot my togs. Then more of my friends Josephine, Sela and Jordenne came. Sela and Josephine got changed and then me and Jordenne were just eating thins/biscuit!!

Two hours later my friends that were swimming got out of the pool, dried them self and we then left. We started walking down to the Pt. England shop to buy some hot chips and we bought it just for us and I bought it and I added some tartea source.

It was ready and then my friends and I walked down to Four Swings and we ate there. As soon as we finished eating we waited for three minutes and then we played. Four of my friends went and played on the swings and only me and Hannah played chucks with the tennis ball. It was pretty fun and then we walked home. I enjoyed that day with my friends!! I miss them and hope to see all of them next year!!


  1. We will see you next year with leila as well!

  2. Hi Iron,
    I really enjoyed your story about you guys going to the pools on the last day that sound like fun I wish I was there but I had to go home. I really like reading your story It felt I was there It looked like you guys had a lot of fun swimming in the pool. Keep up the great work Iron.


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