Monday, December 2, 2013

Having fun is the sun at Cornwall Park

"Can we go to Cornwall park, all of our family is going" I moaned to my mum. "Okay okay we'll go just to stop you guys from begging and moaning" My mum replied. So we waited for 12:00 O'clock to come.  1hr later we left to Cornwall park and we saw all of our family. They came with some balls to play with and also food!! We came with food as well and only one ball.

We started the games but first we put up the volley net so we can play volley. Then my aunty grabbed the rugby ball so we can play some kicks. I first played volley and our team was winning but then I left to play kicks with my aunty and my sister. We were kicking and kicking and then the ball hit Zion's head. We were all laughing but then we still carried on with our games. 

Then the children left the volley and kicking game and went to play our own game. It is a Samoan game called Lape. It is like baseball but you hit the ball with your hand and the ball is a volleyball!! We run to 4 bases thou and then it includes the last one witch is 5. If we get hit by the ball we are out, but I was captain and if I got hit the whole team would've been out but if only one person is out then I have to try and get them back in by running all the way round to the last base!! It was enjoyable.

I loved that Saturday. We were playing and playing until the rain came and we had to go back home!! But we enjoyed that day because we won Lape and my favourite bit was when my uncle was chasing me to try and tag me with the ball!

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