Saturday, December 21, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas by practising

"Kope omai i'i" translation "Hurry come here" my grandpa said to us while scratching his hand. "OKAY OKAY we'll be there" I replied while running as fast as I can. "Now have you learnt your speech" My nan asked but while she asked us we were saying it so it was quite obvious we knew it.

It is one paraghraph but we learnt it in two days and we know it. We started from the beggining to the end. As soon as we finished practicing our speeches we practised our dance!! The music is jammed together....It is a Samoan X-mas song and then it is Long time ago in Bethlehem added with the last song which is Feliz Na Vi Dad!! We mashed it up and we got some awesome actions (NOT BRAGGING.)

We finished all our dancing and speeches we then left the room in Otara and went back home!! I enjoyed this day :)!!

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