Thursday, November 28, 2013

Playing the Guitar

"Teach me how to play the guitar" I said to my sister (Zion). "Okay okay so you can stop begging" Replied Zion so we went down stairs and played the guitar. She had a guitar and I had another one. I told her to teach me how to play "Stand by me." So she played it and played it but it was too hard so I just know how to play the first bit of Stand by Me.

Me from Year 6 to year 7

As you see on the left hand side is me in year 6 this year. I am young without senior clothes on. But on the right hand side is me in year 7. I am going to wear a jacket and clots.

Year 6:

Year 7:

Camp Bentzon - Kawau Island

This is a presentation of our Camp to Kawau Island.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fish of Maui

This is a quick animation of The Fish of Maui. The animation was quiet boring so we had to add a voice over to it so it can be INTERESTING!! Enjoy:)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Camp to Kawau Island

Going to Kawau island next for our Year 6 Camp. I really can’t wait. It is just 6 more days until we go. So looking forward to the activities because I like playing games with my friends. There will be fun thing and fun games. The games are: Orienteering, abseiling/rock climbing, kayaking and way more fun activities.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Going to my cousin house

Driving to my cousins house, I was talking about there dog. My brother was scared but then as soon as we got there he saw it and he ran back in the car and cried. "Mum go get him" I said. So she went and lifted him.

He was crying while my mum was carrying him but I just walked passed it because it doesn't bite. It is a white fluffy dog. My mum and my brother and I went inside and then my uncle came and the dog ran inside and then my brother got a big fright.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


This is a singers presentation. I did it about singers because I love listening to songs. I really do hope you enjoy and maybe one of these singers might be your favourite one!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Narrative Practise (Farming)

One day a family of two brothers (Max and John) were so hungry for veggies. They went outside to their garden and wanted to wet it with the hose. As soon as Simon went inside to get the hose, he looked and looked but someone stole it.

They were so worried because there stomachs were growling at them and it was so sore. They wanted to make some food with the veggies for lunch but they didn’t have a hose to water it. Then they got a plan but it would of took a while.

They went to a shop where heaps of building or helping things are and they found a hose. They were so happy but when they brought it, it cost a lot of money. It was $115. But lucky they had enough money. They got home and were so excited and then Max said “John can you go get the oven read while I water the plants” So John left happily.

Max finished watering the plants and then 10 minutes after they got the veggies out of the ground and chopped it up. They first did the carrot and then the pumpkin. “Max put it in now put it in” Said John.....So Max put it in and then it was ready. They were excited for their food making.

Sorry for publishing this late:)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guy Fawkes

This is my short presentation about Guy Fawkes....It only has 3 questions and I really do hope you ENJOY!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing test Narrative

John heard a whisper but no-one was there. He couldn’t see anyone or anything so he then ran in his house and said his mum “I heard a whisper and it sounded like a man was going to kidnap someone” So she replied “Let's go see and if he does we’ll do something to pay him back.” So they left with the car and drove as fast as they can.

They got to the place where John heard the whisper and they saw a random man walking around with a knife and a bandana over his mouth and nose. They got scared but they still went closer and closer to the man (Simon). They were still looking until Simon ran somewhere and they got scared and ran off.

“Got you” Simon said while grabbing John. “Leave my son please please just put him down and we’ll leave you alone and we’ll do nothing” The mum said while crying. Simon replied “You better catch me but I bet you won’t because i may be faster than you!”

The mum left to the car and drove off to their house. She rang her family but they didn’t answer so she left a message and said “My son has just got kidnapped, please come help me if you get this message.” She locked the house and closed all the windows and then went back.

She saw Simon and he was holding her son like a cat. Simon ran fast as to a really dark place with heaps of trees behind it. That place had a fence. She drove there and she was watching him with her big eye. Simon dropped John and said “Stay down there and wait till I come back” So John listened but didn't do as he said.

It was 5 minutes later and john ran away and that five minutes was when simon came back and saw John running. He ran and ran and caught him again so then he took him back to the dark and scary place. He dropped John again but this time he did it 3 times. Then he picked him up and went inside.

The mum was watching and then caught her eye on the knife he had in his back pocket. She tried to run until she’d get to the knife but he grabbed it out of his pocket and was about to stab John. The mum shouted “NOOOOOO.” She was there and then kicked Simon away from her son.

“John bring me your phone so I can call the cops” The mum said. But Simon heard and tried to run off but lucky the mum was so fast she caught him. 111 the mum called and then the police’s got there. She told them all about it and then took Simon to jail and the others took the mum and John back home....Then the mum told John to never let a stranger near him or you never go near a stranger.

Then the next morning he went outside and heard another whisper but much more loud and scary. He went and told the mum and did the same thing...


Friday, November 1, 2013


WALT: Show not tell

As the sun setted in its place 1 group of people came knocking on our door. I was relaxed on the couch to lazy to get it and I shouted to my sister "GET THE DOOR." So she ran down the stairs and twisted the knob of the front door. She was scared but it was Cecilia's friends.

Rousie Retell

This is a retell about a story called Rousie..I
am retelling it in a maximum of 10 sentences.
By the way it is about her not me!! Enjoy!

It was the October shearing and dad brought down a mob of sheep.....there are fifteen hundred of them. Our dogs are great and the large strongly built dog gets in behind and eye dogs - they can hold a hole heap of sheep just by looking at them. The sheep have to be clean for the shearing so we put them in the shed for a night. 6 o'clock breakfast there are still jobs to do in the morning like feed the dogs and give milk to the lambs too...and when he wraps himself around my leg I always forget to get angry/grumpy. Then I am down to the shed, I'll be helping as a Rousie all day. I have to spread each fleece on the table and sort the very good wool away from the dirty wool. We drink moko and my stomach feels better but it really doesn't last that long. Then suddenly that is it we have all fifteen hundred, just the baaing of the white fluffy animals and the barking of the dogs. Finally we just need to do the truck and let the sheep out, there a bit lighter then before. Now it was time to clean up and relax...AAH and then finally the wool goes away and it feel good looking at your neat work you have done!