Friday, November 1, 2013

Rousie Retell

This is a retell about a story called Rousie..I
am retelling it in a maximum of 10 sentences.
By the way it is about her not me!! Enjoy!

It was the October shearing and dad brought down a mob of sheep.....there are fifteen hundred of them. Our dogs are great and the large strongly built dog gets in behind and eye dogs - they can hold a hole heap of sheep just by looking at them. The sheep have to be clean for the shearing so we put them in the shed for a night. 6 o'clock breakfast there are still jobs to do in the morning like feed the dogs and give milk to the lambs too...and when he wraps himself around my leg I always forget to get angry/grumpy. Then I am down to the shed, I'll be helping as a Rousie all day. I have to spread each fleece on the table and sort the very good wool away from the dirty wool. We drink moko and my stomach feels better but it really doesn't last that long. Then suddenly that is it we have all fifteen hundred, just the baaing of the white fluffy animals and the barking of the dogs. Finally we just need to do the truck and let the sheep out, there a bit lighter then before. Now it was time to clean up and relax...AAH and then finally the wool goes away and it feel good looking at your neat work you have done!

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