Thursday, October 31, 2013


Trick or treat/they will give you a treat or you will give them a trick
Ghost/to make people scared
Lollies/Just for a treat or adding fun
Kids running around/Having fun
Scary Masks/Scare people with it
All Hallows Day
All Hallows Evening
All Hallows Even
Then finally Halloween

Halloween is about having fun and trick or treating. It is also about going around peoples houses and asking them for some candy. It is like a kids element but adults are involved as well. They will give it but if they say they don’t have any lollies you can trick them. 

There is also a Celtic and calendar. The calendar is spitted like one half is light and the other is dark. This is permeable. On this day, day goes fast and night slows down. Some people even call it the night of death and that is to scare people.

When night time comes bats come out and fly around night and it is freaky. They can be seen around there house or even on the ground and if you go outside to take the rubbish or something you can hear it, see it or even feel it and you can get really scared.

Lemuria is on May 13 and that is what people change into Christian and what people say is that there is only one day to celebrate the dead. Also to put the dead away they pour milk or give them a piece cake and that is also to clam them down.  Then the Christians changed Lemuria into All Saint's Day which is still on May 13.

Purgatory is in between heaven and hell. It is bad but not as bad as hell. But in Purgatory, it has fire and it can really hurt you and the only way to get out is by......Your family PREYING for YOU to go up to HEAVEN!!

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