Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 9 Park, Basketball and Chips with Fizzy (Holiday)

It is Sunday and we weren't allowed to do anything, but since my uncle was only available on Sunday we went to the park. I was so happy.

We hopped into the car to go to the Gadsby park. It wasn't that big but at least we were at a park! Me and my sister went with my little cousin to the toy car and he pretended to drive. It really looked like he was driving a real car.

My uncle went back home to get a basketball so we could play basketball and as soon as her got there, I ran to the car and grabbed the basketball. We first played shooting and then we played Basketball. The game was over and my team won!

Some more people came and then we had to go because they wanted to play basketball. We went to the car and then my uncle and aunty grabbed some chips and fizzy drinks for us. It was twisty and we had our own can! We enjoyed our day!

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