Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Farming Fish (Retell)

In a village called Togori on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands lives a boy named Richard Bekaraifaka and his uncle is the Chief (or Bigman) for their village. In Togori, their fish is very important to them and they go fishing everyday but only if the weather is nice and fine and if the sea is calm, but if the weather is bad and rainy or the sea is rough, they have to go without fish. Richard’s Uncle, Isaiah decided that he was going to make a way for people to catch fish even when the weather is bad and rainy. So he told the village that he was going to attach some pipes from the river to them to keep flowing with water so the water would go from pond 1 all the way to pond 3 then back to the river and dig out some ponds. It took the village 1 and a half years to dig out the ponds because they could only dig early in the morning and in the evening since it was so hot. They were able to put the fish in once the pond was full and was attached to the pipes. The family of Richard still have to look after their ponds and his job is to give the fish some food and make sure that no branches or sticks get stuck into the pipes to stop the water from flowing. Richard is very happy that he helped his uncle because now, the whole village can enjoy fish for dinner even when there is bad weather. Richard has lots of jobs but he favourite part is catching fish and eating them for dinner!

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