Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 5 Bason and Takeaway and Car wash (Holiday)

This morning I woke up and my mum came in and said "Get ready to walk" and I replied sadly "Awww, really" and then we went and brushed our teeth and ate breakfast. We had a nice break fast at 9:00 and then we left 1 hour after.

We went to the Panmure Bason in a car and the we saw Miss V while walking around. It was only my mum, sisters (Zion and Cecilia) and also me. All of us saw he again and we asked "How many laps have you had and she said 3. My mum and I were at the back and  my sisters were way ahead of us.

It was our second lap and then we stopped. We hopped in the car and had a long drink of water. As soon as we all drank we went home. Before we went home we went to the takeaway shop and bought some takeaway.

As soon as we got home we got the plates on the table and shared the takeaway. Since there were 4 of us 2 of us had 3 chickens and my brother had 2. It was yummy!

When me and Cecilia (my sister) finished eating we waited for about 3 or 2 minutes and then we grabbed the vacuum and went inside the car to clean it. We were tiered but we still did it. My sister and I finished cleaning inside and then we got a bucket full of water and soap and grabbed a sponge.

We also cleaned outside, I was scrubbing and my sister was doing the hose. It was a tiring job but we finished it off properly!!

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