Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Roller Coaster Narrative

It Margarines cousins birthday and they celebrated it by going somewhere people can play. In that place there is a roller coaster and a fear fall, but there are much more than that. She was so excited that she even invited her friends Sophie and Maggie.

She invited Sophie by calling on the phone. “Hello Sophie’s mum, can your daughter please come to my cousins birthday?” Margarine said politely. “Sure she can but she will just get ready” Replied the mum. Then she gave a call to Maggie’s house and the mother said the same thing.

15 Minutes past and the two friends got to Margarines house. Margarine was so excited that they could come. Margarines birthday cousin (John) was turning 7 years old and he was getting dressed. He was wearing a t-shirt that had the number 7 on it.

He was all ready and it was time for them to go rainbows end. John couldn’t wait to get there because it would of took 35 minutes to get to rainbows end from there house. The three friends (Margarine, Sophie and Maggie) were so happy they even planed there day.

The time has passed to get there and they hopped out of the car and ran through the door to rainbows end. But John’s mum (Ana) shouted “HEY HEY GET OVER HERE WE HAVE TO PAY FIRST” so they came back and were waiting with Ana and John.

She payed $340. They were worried that they didn’t have enough and they didn’t. So Ana asked the kids if they had any money so then they put all together and it was enough.

As soon as Ana finished paying it they ran off to the roller coaster. They had to see what their height was and one person was to short which was Maggie. So Maggie had to wait for the other two after they had a ride, but while she was waiting she was looking so sad.

When they finished their ride they came back to Maggie. “Are you ok Maggie?” Margarine said while rubbing her back. “Yes yes but it is just that I wanted to go onto the roller coaster” Replied Maggie. Then they asked her if she wanted to go onto another ride that will make you happy and she said yes.

Then they went to the invader and she was happy there so after every ride they would go there just for their friend Maggie.

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