Monday, October 21, 2013

An Organic Orchard (Rettell)

I think nature is a lot of see-saws. It settles in position when it moves up and down. As soon as we stop spraying the plants, we had a tremendous infestation of red mire and thrips. It was very frightening. The orchard was our livelihood and, suddenly, all our fruit has been damaged by insects.

There was a lot of trouble in the North as soon as the Beetle 1 came. We know that some time ago, the DSIR 2 released a parasite here that attack the eggs of the green beetle. The red mite and thrips disappeared. Oh! See this wasp' nest? No, honest they do not sting unless you get very close to them.

We've have the yellow German wasp here too. We have more flies when they come into our house. To make the compost, we cleaned out under the several sheep sheds. I'm a great believer in "heavy mulching". I get fish waste from the fish and chip shop, and soak it in that vat of water.

The birds have fun here, they use to particularly stay in every tree of ours last year. The Macadamia tree is different to others. Thats your nit than other Macadamias. So I say "Right! Thats your tree and you leave the rest of the Orchard to us.

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