Thursday, January 31, 2013


On Saturday at 5:46, our uncle was ready to come to our grandparents house. (And that was were we stayed for the holidays.) We packed our stuff for the beach and during we packed things my nana said "As soon as uncle (Au) comes, we go straight into the car" "OK nana" we replied with a smile on our faces.

"uncles here, uncles here" I shouted. We all rushed to the car and we were just waiting for my grandpa to get in the car because he was still packing his stuff. My nana hopped back out of the car and said to my grandpa "Come in the car now." And my papa replied with a big "ok."

As soon as my papa finished packing his things, we went to do my papa's lotto and then go to eastern beach. After my uncle took us to the beach he went back home and got the other people. When he got to eastern beach with the other guys we had to get out of the beach and the other people come in.

Zion (my sister) and me went in the beach and swam while my other 2 sisters and cousin were just sitting on the grass. Maypo (my youngest sister) and my cousin (Max) were collecting shells. I got out of the beach and told Maypo "come but is you don't then it was a waste of you to bring your clothes" so then she thought about it and came.

The other guys got here so then my nana shouted to us "come out now" so we listened and got out. We went for a a shower well not quite as a shower, more like a rinse but yes. I gave my hair a wash with the soap and then i washed my little sisters body and then mine. After we did our second to oldest Zion washed her one then we got changed and went and sat on a mat thing we bought.

The people who came second in the car, they brought fizzy drinks and bread. As we finished getting dried up we ate and the other guys went in the beach and we were drinking and eating. It was my sister (Cecilia), Aunty (Maa), Aunty (Lua), Aunty (Tala) and Uncle (Au the one who drove us the eastern beach) they were the ones who went in the beach second while we were eating.

After a while my Uncle texted to my mum to come to the beach so she did and she came with yummy scones. It was chocolate and carrot flavour. My 2 aunties and sister begged me to give them some scones so I ran to my nana and got some of them. So I threw it when they were in the sea but my sister just came and got it from my hand but I threw it to my aunties.

Then we had a happy day and went home.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Takeaway and taro

At 11:53 my uncle came and we went. My grandpa, nana, Maypo (my sister), and me hopped inside the car and off we went to buy takeaway and taro. So off we went and came back fast.

We had to come back home and I had to run to give my cousins takeaways. As soon as I got back in the car, we went quickly to my aunty and uncles place because my grandpa's appointment starts at 12:30.

I came out of the car and I ran and ate takeaway and taro with my aunty. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Family from Gisbourne

Holiday is so fun. Just met my uncle's family from Gisbourne. They are so so kind.  Some are tall and some are short. Fun to play with.Funny to look at. They always laugh and makes us laugh. They ALL look the SAME. And the only names Iknow is Nianae and Lika!