Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goldilocks and the three bears

The three bears went out of their house for a walk in the woods when suddenly a girl named goldilocks entered their house. Goldilock said “HELLO”anyone here and nobody answered. She smelt that delicious smell of the porridge. She got very hungry and sat down and ate.

As Goldilock finished eating she was wondering where to go, so she went in the three bears room and saw a small bed, medium bed, and a herd bed. She tried out Dad’s big bed and said “this bed is too hard” so then she moved on to mum’s bed and tried it out,then said “this bed is too soft”so then she saw another bed which was baby bears one. She tried sleeping on it and said “this bed is just right”. So she slept and slept until the three bears came (Daddy, Munmmy, and Baby bear)

Goldilocks: Goldilocks is a little girl who has blond hair and curly hair. She lives in the wood/forest near the three bears house. Her skin colour is tanish and love to sleep.

Baby bear: Baby bear is a little boy. He love to eat porridge and sleeps in his bed to. He loves to eat, and get anything he wants.

Mummy bear: Mummy bear is baby bears mum. She love to stay next to the daddy bear and watch goldilock sleep. She laughs when she sees anyone sleeping.

Daddy bear: Daddy bear is baby bears dad and mummy bears husband. He love to search people when bad things happen to their house when like goldilocks sleeps
..................TO BE CONTINUED

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