Friday, November 2, 2012

CATCF-Charlie and the chocolate factory retell

As Charlie was walking home, he stopped and stared at something. It was a coin that was under a drain. Charlie bent down to pick it up. “Its unbelievable”  Charlie said with a smile.

Walking into the shops, he felt so hungry so he brought a chocolate bar. He asked the counter “Can a I have a chocolate bar please?” “Yes you may but what one do you want, scrumdidlyumptious” replied while showing him it. “Uhmm I think I will take the biggest chocolate bar” said Charlie.

Charlie was very very hungry. And bought the biggest bar in the shop. Ripping off the paper that covered the bar, he shoved it all into his mouth. “ Slow down you might get a sore stomach from eating it very fast” Said the owner of the shop with a weird face.  

As soon as he finished his bar of chocolate, he walked away and then turned back. He asked the counter again and said “Can I just have one more chocolate bar but a Wonker one but for my Grandpa Joe.” “Sure” the owner of the shop replied with a smile on his face.

Taking ten steps out of the shop, Charlie watched a big crowd of people jostled to get the newspaper which said the fifth ticket was fake. Charlie took more steps over to some stairs where people sit and he was thinking it was his lucky chance. Carefully opening the packet he slowly unwrapped the wrapper and saw the Golden Ticket, he couldn't believe it so he shut  the wrapper again and open it back up......So he looked at it carefully to see if it was really was it.

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