Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Finally it was my best day at school. Athletics! It was my best day of the whole year at school because we play sports. My favourite sports is running, so thats why I like athletics.

Our first activity was frog jump and I didn’t know how to do it. As soon as we got there, there were some red sacs lying on the ground. There were heaps of lines, so we know were to stand and also some purple little dotty things.

Mrs Tuala didn’t know what to do either, so we just skipped along to the sacs and stood behind the line ready to jump. We were about to start in just 3 minutes, but we had a practise first. I asked Mrs Tuala “Do we start jumping with 2 feet and land on both feet?” “Uhmm Yes” she replied while scratching her cheek, “And we will see who jumps the farthest”

3 minutes later, we were about to start. I was in the second row, so we had to go after the first people. As they walked up to the line, they swung their arms three times. “One, two, three” shouted Mrs Tuala while swinging her arms. They jumped and the winner was called.

“2nd lane up!” demanded Mrs Tuala as she lifted her hands. We walked to the lane to jump and Mrs Tuala yelled “Swing your arms, one, two and three, jump!” As we jumped, I was hoping that I would win so I did. “Woooohoooo” I shouted while jumping up into the air!

As all the other people finished jumping, we moved on to the 5 finalist. I was one of them. We got ready to jump and then we saw who came fifth and it was Ngaire so she had to sit down and it was the final 4.

“Three swings before you jump” said Mrs Tuala as she walked up to watch carefully! We jumped and then we knew who came first, second, third and fourth. Mrs Tuala told us who the winners were and she said “Iron is first, Puawai second, Emmy third and Jessica you are fourth.”

“Yeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeee, I won frog jump” I shouted while jumping and saying “good game” to everyone.

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