Monday, August 29, 2011

Healthy Food

Healthy food (mp3)
Children should eat a variety of different food to be healthy.
Our brains will work if you eat healthy food.
We should really eat healthy food so we can keep on growing.

We need to balance our diet from the four main food groups.
They are:
Bread and CerealsFruit and VegesMilk and DairyMeat and FishWe need to eat a little bit of every thing.
Fats and sugar can be eaten occasionally but there amount should be limited. Water and milk are good for everyday. Juice and fizzy should be left for treats.
Eat the right food and live right. In order to live a happy life, eat a well balanced diet.

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  1. Hi Iron,

    I really love eating those healthy food their.
    Its looks really delicious. You have a beautiful story Iron.I hope you a nice day!

    Keep it up Iron!!


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