Monday, August 22, 2011

Buzzy Bee And Jandals

Ki Ora and welcome to NZ a very unique country fulled with treasured icons. Many years ago NZ was close to Australia.

The New Zealand Buzzy bee is the children's most famous toys. The colour of the bee is red, yellow, blue and black. The exact origins of buzzy bee remain a little unclear. It seem the bee was made in the very late 1930’s in a small workshop.

Welcome to New Zealand it is a Very Small country we have different cultural as we have different people They have came from the country and lands to. The rugby world cup is on the 9Th of September 2011.We are an isolated island just below Australia.

Jandals are some thing like you can wear to the beach when it is hot and if it is hot in a city then you can wear them.They are made from rubber and on top it has cool pictures.For when it is summer it has cool colourful pictures and has lost of colours on it. Sometimes jandals are called slippers.

We hope you find many of these treasured icons on your way to the Rugby World Cup.

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  1. Hey Iron!!!

    WOW! What a picture you got there. Are u an artist. If u a then I wish I was like u. It so amazing I like ur story to.

    From Maypo


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