Thursday, October 31, 2013


Trick or treat/they will give you a treat or you will give them a trick
Ghost/to make people scared
Lollies/Just for a treat or adding fun
Kids running around/Having fun
Scary Masks/Scare people with it
All Hallows Day
All Hallows Evening
All Hallows Even
Then finally Halloween

Halloween is about having fun and trick or treating. It is also about going around peoples houses and asking them for some candy. It is like a kids element but adults are involved as well. They will give it but if they say they don’t have any lollies you can trick them. 

There is also a Celtic and calendar. The calendar is spitted like one half is light and the other is dark. This is permeable. On this day, day goes fast and night slows down. Some people even call it the night of death and that is to scare people.

When night time comes bats come out and fly around night and it is freaky. They can be seen around there house or even on the ground and if you go outside to take the rubbish or something you can hear it, see it or even feel it and you can get really scared.

Lemuria is on May 13 and that is what people change into Christian and what people say is that there is only one day to celebrate the dead. Also to put the dead away they pour milk or give them a piece cake and that is also to clam them down.  Then the Christians changed Lemuria into All Saint's Day which is still on May 13.

Purgatory is in between heaven and hell. It is bad but not as bad as hell. But in Purgatory, it has fire and it can really hurt you and the only way to get out is by......Your family PREYING for YOU to go up to HEAVEN!!

My friends!

 This is a presentation about my friends!! ENJOY!:)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our run in the Morning

Every morning in school days we go for a run. We start our run at 10:45. Our three classes (16, 17 and 18 all go together but sometimes only one or two classes go for a run. My best part of running is running together with my friends.

We start from the breeze and then we run out of the door. Then we finish by entering the door of the breeze. But all the time we run on the concrete. Do you like running? Well I do because it makes me fit and a bit faster.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Roller Coaster Narrative

It Margarines cousins birthday and they celebrated it by going somewhere people can play. In that place there is a roller coaster and a fear fall, but there are much more than that. She was so excited that she even invited her friends Sophie and Maggie.

She invited Sophie by calling on the phone. “Hello Sophie’s mum, can your daughter please come to my cousins birthday?” Margarine said politely. “Sure she can but she will just get ready” Replied the mum. Then she gave a call to Maggie’s house and the mother said the same thing.

15 Minutes past and the two friends got to Margarines house. Margarine was so excited that they could come. Margarines birthday cousin (John) was turning 7 years old and he was getting dressed. He was wearing a t-shirt that had the number 7 on it.

He was all ready and it was time for them to go rainbows end. John couldn’t wait to get there because it would of took 35 minutes to get to rainbows end from there house. The three friends (Margarine, Sophie and Maggie) were so happy they even planed there day.

The time has passed to get there and they hopped out of the car and ran through the door to rainbows end. But John’s mum (Ana) shouted “HEY HEY GET OVER HERE WE HAVE TO PAY FIRST” so they came back and were waiting with Ana and John.

She payed $340. They were worried that they didn’t have enough and they didn’t. So Ana asked the kids if they had any money so then they put all together and it was enough.

As soon as Ana finished paying it they ran off to the roller coaster. They had to see what their height was and one person was to short which was Maggie. So Maggie had to wait for the other two after they had a ride, but while she was waiting she was looking so sad.

When they finished their ride they came back to Maggie. “Are you ok Maggie?” Margarine said while rubbing her back. “Yes yes but it is just that I wanted to go onto the roller coaster” Replied Maggie. Then they asked her if she wanted to go onto another ride that will make you happy and she said yes.

Then they went to the invader and she was happy there so after every ride they would go there just for their friend Maggie.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pizza Making in Extension

It was 12:30 and we had to go extension. We got to the ICT and our extension teacher told us to go to the Tusitala so we did. We had to go onto our site to see what we are doing. I was reading and reading and then I saw what we are doing. It was making pizza for Labour Day.

I was excited! But do you know why we had to make it? Well, we had to make it because of Labour Day. We first had to answer some questions like..What does this day celebrate and When did New Zealand first celebrate it? I answered all of it up to five and then it got to the last question which is What is it meant by the term of "Liberals."It was a very hard question then me and my partner Jordenne got it.

The bell rang for lunch time. We had to stop what we were doing and go eat our lunch and have a break time. During lunch time Mrs Tele'a had to run and get the things to make the pizza's. An hour later our break time finished and we had to go back to extension.

I smelt what our extension teacher had bought and we went and made it. Jordenne and I grabbed the tomato paste and we spread it onto the dough. We then grabbed a whole heap of cheese and then we spreaded that on it. We finished putting on the cheese and then we grabbed some ham. Jordenne cutted it up into 28 pieces to represent the first day we celebrated Labour Day. We put on 8 pepperonis but then our teacher spotted that we didn't have enough cheese so then we put the cheese over the pepperoni. They represented the achievement of workers.

Jordenne and i then grabbed some healthy things like capsicum and pineapple and we put it on the pizza. We finished just in time before the alarm rang on the phone. We went to put it into the staff oven. It was 25 minutes past and Mrs Tele'a went and grabbed it out of the oven. It looked so nice.

"Who wants to do the prayer before we eat"? said Mrs Tele'a and Collin replied "Me" so he said a short prayer. We started to cut our pizza up and Jordenne and I went to deliver some. We went and took it to Mrs Nua and she loved it.

She and I got back from the delivery and I gave one to our extension teacher (Mrs Tele'a). We were trying to give one piece to Miss Va'afusuaga and then she popped in the hall kitchen to check what we were doing and then we gave her one. She took one bite and she loved it as well. 

Before my partner and I ate we washed our hands because it was all messy. We dug in and we ate and ate and then we finished it. It was so yum. My favourite part was putting the ingredients on the pizza dough.

Farming Fish (Retell)

In a village called Togori on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands lives a boy named Richard Bekaraifaka and his uncle is the Chief (or Bigman) for their village. In Togori, their fish is very important to them and they go fishing everyday but only if the weather is nice and fine and if the sea is calm, but if the weather is bad and rainy or the sea is rough, they have to go without fish. Richard’s Uncle, Isaiah decided that he was going to make a way for people to catch fish even when the weather is bad and rainy. So he told the village that he was going to attach some pipes from the river to them to keep flowing with water so the water would go from pond 1 all the way to pond 3 then back to the river and dig out some ponds. It took the village 1 and a half years to dig out the ponds because they could only dig early in the morning and in the evening since it was so hot. They were able to put the fish in once the pond was full and was attached to the pipes. The family of Richard still have to look after their ponds and his job is to give the fish some food and make sure that no branches or sticks get stuck into the pipes to stop the water from flowing. Richard is very happy that he helped his uncle because now, the whole village can enjoy fish for dinner even when there is bad weather. Richard has lots of jobs but he favourite part is catching fish and eating them for dinner!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Blog Writing (Going to my nan's house)

I was getting ready to go to my nana's house. My mum was rushing me and my sisters because we had to go take some money to Samoa transfer. As soon as we got there it was closed and then we were on our way to my nana's house. We got there and we starting eating chips.

An Organic Orchard (Rettell)

I think nature is a lot of see-saws. It settles in position when it moves up and down. As soon as we stop spraying the plants, we had a tremendous infestation of red mire and thrips. It was very frightening. The orchard was our livelihood and, suddenly, all our fruit has been damaged by insects.

There was a lot of trouble in the North as soon as the Beetle 1 came. We know that some time ago, the DSIR 2 released a parasite here that attack the eggs of the green beetle. The red mite and thrips disappeared. Oh! See this wasp' nest? No, honest they do not sting unless you get very close to them.

We've have the yellow German wasp here too. We have more flies when they come into our house. To make the compost, we cleaned out under the several sheep sheds. I'm a great believer in "heavy mulching". I get fish waste from the fish and chip shop, and soak it in that vat of water.

The birds have fun here, they use to particularly stay in every tree of ours last year. The Macadamia tree is different to others. Thats your nit than other Macadamias. So I say "Right! Thats your tree and you leave the rest of the Orchard to us.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood/Big Black Riding Hood

Storyboard for my tale is.............Little Red Riding Hood/Big Black Riding Hood

Character, setting
Set in Big Brown Riding Hoods house.

Character, setting
Dog: Wolf
Set in a cave

Character, setting
Sister: Grandma
In a cave

Character, setting
Wood Cutter: BBRH’s brother
Set outside
Big Brown Riding hood just woke up and the wolf asked her something and she replied then she took some yummy butter chicken and rice.
BBRH was skipping along through the forest and she heard something. She also saw something and it was a dog.The dog caught up to her and barked and barked with her.
BBRH knew what he was saying so she barked back. They barked and barked and then they said bye to each other. BBRH was skipping and then the dog ran past her.
It went into the sisters house and the dog was trying to eat her but couldn’t fit so the sister was screaming hard out and suddenly the brother heard and ran. BBRH got there and there was blood.
Once a girl named Big Brown Riding Hood was staying home and she lived with a wolf but the wolf wasn’t bad. The wolf was really angry as soon as he woke up. The reason why he was angry is because he saw Big Brown Riding Hood packing some food.

“Where are you taking that food” Asked the wolf in a angrily voice. And BBRH replied to him “I am taking it to my sister.” BBRH was on her way to the sisters house and she saw a Big Black Dog. It barked at her and she barked back like she knew what it said.

The Big Black Dog was way ahead of her when they finished barking at each other. The dog knew where the sister lived and went to her house. The dog tried to eat the sister but she just couldn’t fit in its mouth so the dog took her into the toilet. Then the dog went into the sisters closet and look for some clothes. It was some jeans and a pink T-SHIRT.

The dog went into the sisters house and the dog was trying to eat her but then the sister was shouting “HELP HELP” and she was screaming very loud and suddenly the brother heard and ran to her. Big Brown Riding Hood got there and there was blood all over the place.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Matching the Farming Photos

For this morning we have been matching some Farming photos. There were so many photos to match and almost all of them were paired. There were only 2 photos that were hard but then we figured it out. It was so fun and the reason why we were matching farm photos is because we are learning about farming.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Starting School

Today is the first day of the last term for school. I am excited being back to school and I am also happy because it is the last term and I want it to be the long holiday. But it is weird sometimes because when it is the holiday you want it to be school but then it comes to school you want it to be holidays, I am one of those people.

As soon as I came to school I had a smile on my face. 2 bells rang which meant it was time for Immersion Assembly. I like Immersion Assembly because they perform or they show a movie. After 3 shows it was team 4's turn and they had a movie. It was funny and cool.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


On Saturday we got ready for White Sunday. White Sunday is a special because that is when the kids celebrate there day. I really liked it because I like standing up in front of people and doing my speech or song. I was feeling nervous but not after all, I stood up and faced my fears.

As soon as Sunday came, we ate and had our very last practice before we get ready to say our speeches.  We went to change into our White Sunday clothes. We all had pears and it was pretty but my oldest sister had a dress. "Come in the car now" shouted my mum! I was in a rush.

We drove until we got there and took the things we needed. As we stepped in the church I saw my cousins and I was very embarrassed. I moved some table before we started church. I wondered how is it going to feel standing up in front of these many people? 

My grandpa wanted it to start so we did and we sat down quietly and quickly! We started off with a long prayer. It was time to stand up after a long prayer! Our cousins were going up first because there one was short because it was little kids.

First they did there short speech, but then it came to us older kids and Maypo (My Sister) told them what our speech was about. It was about a crippled person which was me.I sang a song and 2 or more minutes after my sister came out and picked me up. I started walking and I said my speech. I had to jump up and put my hand up high to god.

We said something which is the ending of it but we had to say it in Samoan. We were done and the crowed cheered!!!

As soon as the kids finished the speeches we carried on with church and 15 or more minutes it was done. I was so happy because I made it through my speech without crying or anything. But I knew I would of made it.

We unpacked our church and then we left it, but before we left I had to go pay the church. My family went home and then we had a huge feast. It was sooo YUM! Our feast was takeaway but not just chicken and hot chips also fried rice and egg foo young.

The kids finished eating and then Cecilia (My Oldest sister) went to do our desert. It was ice-cream pizza and ice-blocks. The ice-cream pizza is just a cookie and the following the cookie is the ice-cream and on top of the ice-cream is lollies. I had gummy bears on top of mine and the others had pebbles on top of there ice-cream. I haven't tasted it before and here was my chance. The pizza looked nice and as soon as I took a bite I loved it! Yummy in my Tummy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 10 Good Morning Everybody (Holiday)

It is very early in the morning and I would like to say a huge GOOD MORNING! I haven't slept yet I stayed up until this time. This time is just to early for me so I should probably sleep now. Enjoy your day today!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 9 Park, Basketball and Chips with Fizzy (Holiday)

It is Sunday and we weren't allowed to do anything, but since my uncle was only available on Sunday we went to the park. I was so happy.

We hopped into the car to go to the Gadsby park. It wasn't that big but at least we were at a park! Me and my sister went with my little cousin to the toy car and he pretended to drive. It really looked like he was driving a real car.

My uncle went back home to get a basketball so we could play basketball and as soon as her got there, I ran to the car and grabbed the basketball. We first played shooting and then we played Basketball. The game was over and my team won!

Some more people came and then we had to go because they wanted to play basketball. We went to the car and then my uncle and aunty grabbed some chips and fizzy drinks for us. It was twisty and we had our own can! We enjoyed our day!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 8 Bingo (Holiday)

It was 8:09 in the morning and we woke up to brush our teeth and eat breakfast. I was so tiered I didn't even want to stand up but I still had to. As soon as I finished brushing my teeth, I went to eat my breakfast which was Cocoa Rice. Yummy!

We finished our breakfast and then we got ready to go Bingo. I didn't want to go but we had to because no one was going to stay with us. We left the house and then we got there and we had to pack it.

People got there and they just sat down and some of them came to bring there prizes. We started and after two bingo's more people came. It was my aunties. It was boring because I had to look after some kids but then I got home and it feels nice!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 7 Playing Basket Ball (Holiday)

It was 2:00pm and Zion and I were playing basketball. We played inside for half an hour and then we went outside and played for long. It was fun and funny because my sister (Zion) was on the skateboard while she caught the ball and then she fell. I felt sad but it was just too funny.

We played and played until we got tired. As soon as we got tired we came inside. I waited for about 3 minutes and then I went for a shower. I finished and my sister came to. We felt fresh and now it is time for us to sleep. 

Day 6 White Sundae Practise (Holiday)

During yesterday we were practising our speeches for White Sundae. I have been practising and practising because I am a crippled person. My part is singing a very long song and then a short speech. I wish I lost my voice but if I don't I just hope that I won't make any mistakes.

By the way sorry for the late blogpost. I was meant to post this yesterday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 5 Bason and Takeaway and Car wash (Holiday)

This morning I woke up and my mum came in and said "Get ready to walk" and I replied sadly "Awww, really" and then we went and brushed our teeth and ate breakfast. We had a nice break fast at 9:00 and then we left 1 hour after.

We went to the Panmure Bason in a car and the we saw Miss V while walking around. It was only my mum, sisters (Zion and Cecilia) and also me. All of us saw he again and we asked "How many laps have you had and she said 3. My mum and I were at the back and  my sisters were way ahead of us.

It was our second lap and then we stopped. We hopped in the car and had a long drink of water. As soon as we all drank we went home. Before we went home we went to the takeaway shop and bought some takeaway.

As soon as we got home we got the plates on the table and shared the takeaway. Since there were 4 of us 2 of us had 3 chickens and my brother had 2. It was yummy!

When me and Cecilia (my sister) finished eating we waited for about 3 or 2 minutes and then we grabbed the vacuum and went inside the car to clean it. We were tiered but we still did it. My sister and I finished cleaning inside and then we got a bucket full of water and soap and grabbed a sponge.

We also cleaned outside, I was scrubbing and my sister was doing the hose. It was a tiring job but we finished it off properly!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 4 Playing on the Trampoline (Holiday)

Just finished showering because I just finished playing on my trampoline. It was fun! I decided to make a blogpost so I took some pictures.

I was playing with my sister (Zion) and my brother (Exodus). We jumped from the deck onto the trampoline. I jumped high and my brother just stayed on the tramp.

We were having so much fun we just had to finish. As soon as I finished showering I felt like going outside but I couldn't!:(