Sunday, October 13, 2013


On Saturday we got ready for White Sunday. White Sunday is a special because that is when the kids celebrate there day. I really liked it because I like standing up in front of people and doing my speech or song. I was feeling nervous but not after all, I stood up and faced my fears.

As soon as Sunday came, we ate and had our very last practice before we get ready to say our speeches.  We went to change into our White Sunday clothes. We all had pears and it was pretty but my oldest sister had a dress. "Come in the car now" shouted my mum! I was in a rush.

We drove until we got there and took the things we needed. As we stepped in the church I saw my cousins and I was very embarrassed. I moved some table before we started church. I wondered how is it going to feel standing up in front of these many people? 

My grandpa wanted it to start so we did and we sat down quietly and quickly! We started off with a long prayer. It was time to stand up after a long prayer! Our cousins were going up first because there one was short because it was little kids.

First they did there short speech, but then it came to us older kids and Maypo (My Sister) told them what our speech was about. It was about a crippled person which was me.I sang a song and 2 or more minutes after my sister came out and picked me up. I started walking and I said my speech. I had to jump up and put my hand up high to god.

We said something which is the ending of it but we had to say it in Samoan. We were done and the crowed cheered!!!

As soon as the kids finished the speeches we carried on with church and 15 or more minutes it was done. I was so happy because I made it through my speech without crying or anything. But I knew I would of made it.

We unpacked our church and then we left it, but before we left I had to go pay the church. My family went home and then we had a huge feast. It was sooo YUM! Our feast was takeaway but not just chicken and hot chips also fried rice and egg foo young.

The kids finished eating and then Cecilia (My Oldest sister) went to do our desert. It was ice-cream pizza and ice-blocks. The ice-cream pizza is just a cookie and the following the cookie is the ice-cream and on top of the ice-cream is lollies. I had gummy bears on top of mine and the others had pebbles on top of there ice-cream. I haven't tasted it before and here was my chance. The pizza looked nice and as soon as I took a bite I loved it! Yummy in my Tummy!

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