Saturday, December 27, 2014

First Christmas in Australia

A few days ago was the 25th of December which was Christmas/The Lords birthday. Just 5 day before that, we planned what to do for Christmas, so we decided to go the the beach.

As soon as we got out of bed we had to get ready straight away because we didn't want everyone else taking up the space on the beach. Going to the beach was a 1 hr drive, but it was worth the wait because as soon as we got there, we were the only family there. The beach was really big and not deep at all.

The kids were already swimming when we got there and my siblings and I were playing with the sand. My older sibling and I dug my other sisters in the sand and they looked very short. When they came out they we all cover with sand, so I suggested that we'd swim! But just before we swam, we put heaps of sunblock on.

We then all entered the beach and it was freezing cold but I got use to it so we played some handstand competitions. I got out and we got some more sunblock, so then we got back in and started chucking sand.

It was a fun Christmas and I enjoyed it! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Uncles deaths

Just yesterday my uncles pasted away and I would like to say R.I.P! My uncle was a very special man and I was special enough to be his niece! He was a man that would always like to help people out and likes giving without receiving.

My uncle a a member of my dads family, and as soon as we knew he was sick from cancer, we visited him every single day! We tried our best to make him fight for cancer but he is in a better place now! Rest in Peace Uncle!

Friday, December 19, 2014


Only been in Australia for a few days and I am loving it! As soon as we got off the plane from New Zealand, we came straight to our cousins house and ate KFC!! We got here around 11 and slept once we finished eating. When we woke up we had a debate on what to do for the day, so we went church and then we had a feast with our other relatives.

On the following day, we got to go for ride just to see what its like in Melbourne, Australia. It was awesome and very different to what Auckland looked like, even the shops were different. The names of the streets were also weird. Their is one named Nana Walk, Oldhouse and more. Once we settled properly into our cousin home, we got enrolled to a school named Narre Warren P-12 College and I bet you Pt England is still the best school!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food Art

In the past few day we have been making food art in extension. I was in a group of four and we planned on making 3 meals, sushi, burgers, and strawberry snake cake. 

We had to make our food at school and once everything was ready we had to get it in. I cooked the chicken, patty and also cut the strawberries. Our meals only took 2 hours to make and we made it. The first thing we made the the strawberry snake cake and we had to do the sponge cake for the bottom layer. Once it was in position, we put on the cream so we can stick the strawberries on top of it. I enjoyed making it especially playing with the cream!

Our snake cake was all done and we finally put it in the fridge and then it was time to cook the chicken! It wasn't difficult at all but it was hot. The chicken was for the sushi and we also cut up the cucumber. While the chicken was cooking the pattys were getting baked. We expected sushi but once we failed our first round of making it, we just made a sushi cake. 

Both meals were done and then it was time to make the yummy burgers. We had six buns and six pattys, we also had to fry six eggs. Everything was then baked and fried and then we put all of it together. All our meals were finished and we were so generous that we shared our meals! Also thanks to Mrs Tele'a for providing this food art activity for us! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Smoothie Making

During the weekend my friends and I got the time to come together and make some smoothies. This is a movie or how to make smoothing and I made it with my friends Hannah Tiniteila and Josephine Falefa. I hope you enjoy this movie of how to make smoothies! Enjoy!

Warren Pohatu Art

This term our task was to create art in the style of Warren Pohatu and I created a Starfish! I Hope You ENJOY!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Te Tuhi trip

This week the intermediate block got the opportunity to go Pakuranga for our trip 'Te Tuhi'. 

Today our class got to go and it was fun to be honest, and I enjoyed it. At first Jeremy and Louisa introduced themselves to us and then we headed to the art room where we paint and draw.

We had to paint tapa cloths and the first step was to crinkle the paper. Then we open it up carefully and put crayon on it. As soon as we finish that then we put dye over the whole paper and let it dry. It was fun but we had to dry it for tomorrows sessions. We learnt so much and we also learnt some pacific words.

As soon as the drawing and painting was over, we went around the building and we talked about other different artists and art. It was very abstract and I really liked one other art. It was of sound and looking, the light lines was the very quite part of the art and the very thick part of the art was the very loud sound the artist heard.

I enjoyed the trip especially painting and creating the tapa cloths! I would also like to say a huge Thank You to the teachers for providing this trip for us and to Jeremy and Louisa for taking us around the trip.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tattoo Design Extension

This term our year 7 & 8 extension group have been learning about the history of tattoo designs and the meanings of it. Our extension group got given a task to create our own tattoo design. We also learnt about traditional designs and what it represents.

Samoan Tatau

This term, the year 7 & 8 extension group have been learning and finding out about the history of pacific tattoos, especially the design of the tatau. We have been investigating what is on the tatau and how it has been designed. 

Last week Mr Tele'a visited us to show us his tatau. A tatau is a tattoo for men that represents or shows respect to your culture. Mr Tele'a showed us his legs and most of it is covered with the tattoo ink. It was sore for sure but he finished it. He got it because his brother was getting one and his brother needed support so he volunteered and got one with him, so all of his brothers got one.

He (Mr Tele'a) was not suppose to show his tatau unless it was all finished. Its disrespectful and you'll live in shame if haven't finished it. We asked "What is the most meaningful part of the tatau to you" and he said it was his belly button, because it was the last part of the tatau.

The tatau that was tattooed on to Mr Tele'a was all finished and the man that inked it put his signature on the bottom of the tatau. Tuifa'asisina Su'a was the man that did Mr Tele'a's tatau and he is a well known man in Samoa because of his tattoos. He has inked heaps of people and he is famous for that.

We learnt so much from this designed tattoo. There were so many parts of the tattoo and they were hard to memorise, but it was fun learning about it. There is also another tattooist named Sua Suluape, and he is one of the mains!

On every tatau there is a va'a, and its the start of it. The va'a is the very top part of the tatau, and Mr Tele'as va'a started very high, it means to protect your family. The belly button was the last part of the tatau and it a relief because all the pain was gone a little bit and it a a happy ending.

The most painfull part of the tatau

1. How many days did it take to do your tatau?
Mr Tele’a had 17 sessions

2. What helped you to cope with the pain.
He had a Soa and he was with his brothers

3. What inspired you to get the tattoo? 
He got it because his brother needed support so he got it with him.

4. Who did your tatau? 
Tuifa’asisina Su'a