Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food Art

In the past few day we have been making food art in extension. I was in a group of four and we planned on making 3 meals, sushi, burgers, and strawberry snake cake. 

We had to make our food at school and once everything was ready we had to get it in. I cooked the chicken, patty and also cut the strawberries. Our meals only took 2 hours to make and we made it. The first thing we made the the strawberry snake cake and we had to do the sponge cake for the bottom layer. Once it was in position, we put on the cream so we can stick the strawberries on top of it. I enjoyed making it especially playing with the cream!

Our snake cake was all done and we finally put it in the fridge and then it was time to cook the chicken! It wasn't difficult at all but it was hot. The chicken was for the sushi and we also cut up the cucumber. While the chicken was cooking the pattys were getting baked. We expected sushi but once we failed our first round of making it, we just made a sushi cake. 

Both meals were done and then it was time to make the yummy burgers. We had six buns and six pattys, we also had to fry six eggs. Everything was then baked and fried and then we put all of it together. All our meals were finished and we were so generous that we shared our meals! Also thanks to Mrs Tele'a for providing this food art activity for us! 

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