Monday, March 31, 2014

All about me

As you can see this is my hobbies or what I do. I am obviously a Samoan. Its on the top left hand corner and on the top right corner I am a Methidos. I love to go church and my grandfather is a preacher. On the two bottom corners are my hobbies. I love anything thats got to do with music and I love sports. Cricket, rugby and more. This is posted on Flickr if you want to see more.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Apple - Viaduct Events Centre - Education Festival

Apple - Viaduct Events Centre - Education Festival

Located: Town - Viaduct Events Centre
What: Education Festival
When: Saturday - 22 March
Why: To learn Education

On Saturday the 22nd of March we got the opportunity to go in Town at the Viaduct Events Centre. We had to get into partners of 2 and work together to make a movie.

All of us had to grab an iPad each for our group. We had to get into pairs and my buddy was Josephine, we had it all and we started recording. We went around booths and then we found the one, they were the hairdressers.

Josephine interviewed them and she asked, what are their names? What inspired them to be a hairdresser? and what was their second goal.

There names were Vivienne and Marita. They were inspired because they loved fashion and it was there pashion. Vivienne's 2nd goal was to get a job and Maritas one was to graduate. As soon as they finished we shook there hand and said thank you!

My pal and I then went around and we found another booth. She had humor but really serious. Maggy was her name and and we asked her satisfying question and she answered fantastically. Just as we finished querying Maggy we got unpaid hats and a drink bottle. So far of that day she was the best and the hillariest.

My amigo (Josephine) then went wandering around the building. Josephine and I were close to a booth with chocolate and we requested for some. We first submitted a survey and then we get a free chocolate.

Wandering back around again, we found a chef. She was inspired because she looked up at her mum and she noticed she knew how to cook. The chef was holding a plate with chocolate. The madam then awarded us with a piece of chocolate.

We got free samples the whole day. It was fantastic. Our extension group enjoyed it. The rate for the day was 100 of 100!! Great big thanks to Mrs Tele’a and the team!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Free Rice

We have been expireincing this new cool site. Its called free rice and its to give to Africa. Its good, you can learn and give out rice.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

About Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone?
Cyclone Lusi came to NZ in the weekend. There were high gale winds and heavy rain. This cyclone could have been like a tornado, storm or even a typhoon. Severe cyclone can cause deaths and some power outages.

How to prepare?
You might need life jackets just in case there is flooding. Its good to stay inside and all objects outside must be tied down incase it flies everywhere. Keep safe and especially pack some food, and fill some water bottles. In case you're the only one around, pack a radio along with batteries, candles and a  torch.

What happens during a cyclone?
If you didn’t know it is so dangerous, especially in other countries. Yes we haven’t felt what its like but there could have been flooding, fallen trees, hundreds of power cuts and even worse, deaths

The Possibilities?
In this cyclone with all the heavy rain its possible that  there will be lots of accidents. Trees would have been flying in the air (ripped off the ground) like in other cyclones. Its also possible that there will be no school. What a bummer!

Weather this past weekend?
There was heavy rain, rough winds and dark clouds. It wasn’t as bad as expected but we were prepared for it to hit our city, Auckland, in the North of New Zealand.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Changes and/or Adolescence

As you can see this is about Adolescence. We switch over to different class everyday after our interval. Our class (Class 2) go to Miss Clarke for this. She is teaching us about Adolescence. Its about what it means? What is is? Or the key words to it. This picture shows what are the changes in my life that is coming up, what I am worried about these changes, the certainly positive impacts and the strategies I can calm down with. I wrote as much as I can and we were not allowed to use the internet only for typing our story. It was quite fun because writing is fun!

Monday, March 17, 2014

About Anzac

This is what me and my partner thought of. Its the key word/sentences that we thought. As you can see we do not know much about Anzac but we wrote as much as we can without using the internet.

Boer War - Diary

Date - 1899  11 October
Location - South Africa, Cape Town
Event  -  Boer War

Dear Family,

I am homesick and glad that you’re alright. I’m just a little bit concerned and nervous about you, all of you. I have a physical condition which is about my feet. I have trench feet. It happened because of the evaporation, matted socks and moisture. Its disturbing.

iron.pngI really hope that you are safe and sound as I hear from you. I am nervous, scared and enjoying this army team. We eat the same food and we wear the same things everyday, its not as normal as where I use to stay. I get sick of it sometimes and I just feel like throwing up.

Richard Seddon made us train hard, and he made us go to Wellington. He was quite the boss so we listened to him.

Miss you guys, mail back !! STAY SAFE!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kpop (KoreanPop)

Girls Generation - I got a boy
Its one of my favourite songs from them. They have awesome voices but I don't understand them. Sometimes I look at the lyrics and type it on Google translate. These girls are good and me and Josephine listen to it because she loves Korean, and its her dream to go Korea. I'd love to go with.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Entertaining Fia Fia

It was a surprise as soon as I heard there was Fia Fia. I was excited and already knew what group I was going to chose. I can’t wait!

Choosing my group was very difficult, until I knew what my family and I wanted me to be in. The Samoan group. It was my first option. My second option was either Hip Hop or Hawaiian.

Our Samoan group already learnt some moves on the first day. I was quite tired but excited at the same time. This move was starting with a welcoming. It became harder as we learnt more. We had to do the sasa, singing at the same time and gliding.

Seeing my tutors was amazing. They were the same from last year, Timmy and Mrs Tele’a. I was in the Samoan group last year and we rocked, now I can’t wait this year to rock even more! Hopefully you come and support us and enjoy and hope we don’t muck it up!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Storyboard for our Empathy movie

As you can see, the photos from above are the storyboards that my friends and I created. These storyboards are for our movie, Empathy movie, I hope we get to create it and create it very amazingly.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


What is this? This is a iPad I created on a program called Sketchup. Our class (Class 2) had to create/make it for the village down on the field. Each of us has to create something individually for the juniors.