Wednesday, March 19, 2014

About Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone?
Cyclone Lusi came to NZ in the weekend. There were high gale winds and heavy rain. This cyclone could have been like a tornado, storm or even a typhoon. Severe cyclone can cause deaths and some power outages.

How to prepare?
You might need life jackets just in case there is flooding. Its good to stay inside and all objects outside must be tied down incase it flies everywhere. Keep safe and especially pack some food, and fill some water bottles. In case you're the only one around, pack a radio along with batteries, candles and a  torch.

What happens during a cyclone?
If you didn’t know it is so dangerous, especially in other countries. Yes we haven’t felt what its like but there could have been flooding, fallen trees, hundreds of power cuts and even worse, deaths

The Possibilities?
In this cyclone with all the heavy rain its possible that  there will be lots of accidents. Trees would have been flying in the air (ripped off the ground) like in other cyclones. Its also possible that there will be no school. What a bummer!

Weather this past weekend?
There was heavy rain, rough winds and dark clouds. It wasn’t as bad as expected but we were prepared for it to hit our city, Auckland, in the North of New Zealand.

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