Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Entertaining Fia Fia

It was a surprise as soon as I heard there was Fia Fia. I was excited and already knew what group I was going to chose. I can’t wait!

Choosing my group was very difficult, until I knew what my family and I wanted me to be in. The Samoan group. It was my first option. My second option was either Hip Hop or Hawaiian.

Our Samoan group already learnt some moves on the first day. I was quite tired but excited at the same time. This move was starting with a welcoming. It became harder as we learnt more. We had to do the sasa, singing at the same time and gliding.

Seeing my tutors was amazing. They were the same from last year, Timmy and Mrs Tele’a. I was in the Samoan group last year and we rocked, now I can’t wait this year to rock even more! Hopefully you come and support us and enjoy and hope we don’t muck it up!

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