Monday, March 17, 2014

Boer War - Diary

Date - 1899  11 October
Location - South Africa, Cape Town
Event  -  Boer War

Dear Family,

I am homesick and glad that you’re alright. I’m just a little bit concerned and nervous about you, all of you. I have a physical condition which is about my feet. I have trench feet. It happened because of the evaporation, matted socks and moisture. Its disturbing.

iron.pngI really hope that you are safe and sound as I hear from you. I am nervous, scared and enjoying this army team. We eat the same food and we wear the same things everyday, its not as normal as where I use to stay. I get sick of it sometimes and I just feel like throwing up.

Richard Seddon made us train hard, and he made us go to Wellington. He was quite the boss so we listened to him.

Miss you guys, mail back !! STAY SAFE!

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